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“Seize the day” solo progress from a beginner

For me the biggest and best “prize” in coming in 2nd on the Rockstar Student award is the lessons with the all mighty Hector Trejo to learn my favorite Avenged solo.
I’ve only seriously been playing less than a year and this is so different from anything I’ve attempted before so I was a bit weary to post my journey, but seeing CJ’s updates has giving me the courage I needed ! So I wanted to share with you guys as I work on this. Today was my second lesson with Hector.

There are so many techniques and things I’ve never done, and while it’s honestly awful now, I know what I need to work on and how to get there and at the end of the day I feel like this is going to be a major learning moment for me !

No matter how long it takes, I’m determined to get it, get it right, and make the school and Mr. Trejo proud !
Just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t aim big !
Practice until your fingers bleed ! Lol.
Okay maybe not that much, but you get the jist 🤣
GREAT START!!! Love it! Them's POWERFUL bends, so git the teeny weights on your fingers. Do you even lift, Sis?
Them’s DEFINITELY powerful bends ! Lmao. I’ve tried my best to avoid bending and it’s kicking me in the ass now lmao. Gotta get in some creatine and pump them fingers for sure ! 🤣
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