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SGS contest entry!

So this is my entry for the contest. In my submission I go over what I learned from the caged system lesson 23. The caged system is all new to me so i thought I’d show what I learned. The reason I have the video in 2 parts is cuz I struggled to remember what I was gonna say for my music dreams and why I love the school lol so I took a day to think of what to say haha I get nervous on camera haha and it’s my first video of me talking and explaining stuff so it was scary lol (Also the first clip has crappy lighting cuz in the second clip it was all natural light, I had my curtains open and for the first clip I did it at night so I had to use my room lights )
Love this! It took me a while to fully understand what the CAGED system is about, but your explanation is super clear and I think could really help people who are just getting into it 🥰
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