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SGS Contest Submission: Lesson 20

Hey guys! So for this lesson I utilized Papa's breakdown of the C Major scale into the C Major Pentatonic scale to come up with the G Major Pentatonic scale. I also utilized Syn's tip of using the metronome to practice with alternate picking. There are a few tidbits of other lessons in there such as how to get the notes for the chords and the pattern for the major scale, but I was focused on Lesson 20: Overview of the Pentatonic Scale. Hope you enjoy! And pssttt! TW: I'm sorry for the crying..
Oh, Rowan, I'm so glad that you've had this space to turn to. 😭 You're so loved, and you deserve ALL the success in the world! I can't wait to hear and buy your music, one day!
Gemma, thank you so much 🥺 All of you guys are so wonderful...and truly beautiful human beings. You guys give me so much hope. I can’t wait to get some out for you guys to listen to.
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