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SGS Lesson Demonstration Contest Submission

I made this riff for the contest using the 7 guitar scale positions starting from the first position in A maj and ended up building it up into a chorus after just from being able to confidently know where I want to go to get the music I hear in my head out, which practicing these lessons did helped me do like nothing else before.
It only gets more fun after you've gotten this down and start progressing to the next lessons.
Outro thing was kinda sloppy didn't plan that when I was making it, I just couldn't stop my hands haha.

I just want to inspire others through my music like I was by the ones I look up to.

Thank you
“Let’s get to it do it “ 👍🏻
Nice job dude, gave me some punk vibes, and I was definitely bobbin’ my head.

I like the idea of you making a video showing everyone how you come up with stuff, I think it would be super helpful especially for the beginners who are just starting to try to write their own riffs and songs ! 🤘🏻
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You should absolutely turn this into a song! Very punky indeed, love those distorted arpeggios in there!

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