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Me attempting to rap and play guitar lol
I am so incredibly proud of you for reaching out and using music to express yourself and being bold to try doing both things. The lyrics were completely raw and totally relatable. The beat is good and your rhythm with rapping is good.. However here comes the criticism. And I'm only saying this because I want to see this get further. You need to have more aggression when you rap. Right now you sound like you are just talking on beat and you have aggressive lyrics that demand more aggressive vocals. The lyrics showcase to me that you are mad but you don't sound mad at all. Also and some spots to be quite Frank it sounds like a hot mess. The guitar is doing something I can't even tell what it is, and in some spots you sound like you are singing off key with what the guitar is doing. I can see what everything is trying to do it individually but it doesn't sound cohesive at all. I want you to keep working on this though because I like it a lot there's just some things I need to be polished up. Don't throw this to the dogs and keep working on it and improve on it. Because it's destined for greatness

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