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Some Improv in G Minor/G Dorian

I haven't uploaded something for a couple of weeks. I have been feeling a bit more creative with my improvisation lately, but it's still lacking smoothness and fluidity and confidence. But it is somewhat progressing in the right direction.

Anyway, this is a nice backing track from one of my favorite channels (track: in G minor. I started with mostly the G minor pentatonic, and then tried to expand into G Dorian, but I struggled a bit to make that 6th note of Dorian really work, ie. in this case the E. I probably should have focussed on playing that over the C chords in the progression, I still think too much about just the scales and too little in terms of chord tones.

Anyway, enjoy my sloppy improv, haha.
Awesome! Playing wise I would say try to dig in a little bit more with your vibrato and try using a bit more scale positions to make it sound less repetitive but your defenitely in the right track!
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Love it ! It totally goes with the vibe of the backing track. I agree with ids about the vibrato, vibrato can bring so much emotion to what you're playing and I can definitely feel the emotions in what you're doing but some strong vibrato would just fucking kill it man !
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Some serious tasty bends in there!! I agree, I think you think too much. But I also believe you should continue to stick with this for a few weeks and make it sing! Your bends are SO good and you have great landing tones!
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