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Jeremy Healey

Sweet Child O Mine

I started learning this song the other day and I’m really trying to focus on getting the bends sounding nice. Was home on my lunch break and jammed this out
Great work man! For me, this song was the holy grail of songs that I wanted to learn when I was a kid 🤘🏻
That song for me was Canon Rock back when I use to watch the YouTube video of FunTwo playing it 😂 I started to learn that over the years and realized it was way over my head back when I first started aha
The main riff is played entirely in the 12th position, so you’re not playing it correctly. That riff is an exercise in proper string damping, so getting it clean will pay huge dividends.

the other parts sound good. They’re coming along. Most of your bends are on or really close, which is why the couple bad ones stick out to you. If you want a demo video of the opening kick, I can post one later today, so you can see how it’s played. Thanks for sharing!

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