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Jackson Harsin

Sylosis - Teras intro 90% speed

I decided I wanted to work on my Rhythm playing... What a mistake that was. This is the intro of "Teras" by Sylosis at 90% speed. Gotta work on me picking tension when going this fast playing rhythm but all in all I think i'm doing ok. EDIT: Also... my rhythm stamina sucks.
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That's a cool pattern, you can practice rhythm+stamina with dead notes. D,U,D than switch to U,D,U, and also just all up or down and alternate also can do the D,D, or U,U, . There's a lot of ways. I never did D,D,U,U, before, saw it on one of the early lessons here. I tried it the other day with a progression I always do and It brought new feel to my playing. Was pretty neat. I hope this helped you some, looks like your doing fine though
That's awesome man, thanks for the tips!

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