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Elliott Stewart

Syn inspired solo

For this solo, I was not only inspired by Syn’s technique, but his sense of melody and groove. Written (perhaps unsurprisingly) in the Key of D Minor, I first consulted the second Alternate Picking class in order to work on my note articulation and achieve a sense of fluidity when playing my ascending scale runs. Similarly, the first Sweep Picking lesson helped me enormously in improving my technique. As an intermediate player, sweep picking has always presented itself as a daunting task, but this video in particular helped inspire me to practice my three note arpeggios, laying a good foundation to tackle the more complex arpeggio patterns. The first Minor Blues lesson gave me further inspiration when trying to write this piece, helping me to realise that speed and technical prowess aren’t always indicative of a great solo, but feel, an awareness of the chord progressions you’re playing over and a sense of dynamics are much more important.
Really nice! There are a lot of complex techniques on display here and you feel is great. It is time for you to look inside yourself and realize you are not an intermediate player anymore. While I'm sure there's plenty you can still learn and improve upon, as long as your rhythm chops are good, you could make a living at this level (well, as much as ANY musician can in 2020, and as long as you can do it standing up).

Accept your reality.
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i like that tremelo picking part with the changing lick thats cool, i want to try that
your picking hand stays in spot good, nice! sounds really good

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