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This will be the last song I highlight off this set of songs. I may select a couple from the first set but the song writing aspect will be different as theory isn't 100% in those songs. refer to comments for details.
This song is pretty interesting. Has a few neat elements. FIrst I'll say the drums aren't 100% in time for this song, but thats ok. It is basically hammer ons to start with feedback on the other speaker. The pre chorus is a 1 7 4 3 progression going into the chorus which is a 2 6 1 6 progression. It's a pretty catchy progression for not being a normal one you'd hear. 2nd verse is the same as the first.

Bridge is the hammer ons in a progression. so basically is a 4 5 6 5 which leads to the 1 2 3 2 progression. There is a lead part that goes over top of this which is in G minor but it also follows the path of the progression. This leads into the final chorus before hitting the final solo over the chorus progression. This is a song that I enjoy and has a lot of jump to it imo. The lyrics are explaining how it feels to have to work in a radious of like 30 feet with 25 people. Factory jobs everyday life.

I'll probably post a newer song by the end of the weekend and highlight that one too.

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