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Media added by Andrew Fernandes

AF 050620 Calling On The Phone
Listen to AF 050620 Calling On The Phone by Andrew Fernandes #np on #SoundCloud song im working on

My riff

Came to me when I was thinking of sweet dreams
Tell me about your thoughts.
My own Deathbat!

My own Deathbat!

What do you guys think?
Probably guitar badly intonated. My low e string is missing because I need a part for the bridge. I quite like my approach sounds quite nice. I haven't played electric guitar probably over a year but I have played acoustically. So excuse my sloppiness.
I feel like I'm copying someone.
Me practising for my The Stage acoustic cover for my youtube channel.
Feel like its good in some places but bad in others :s
All Synyster Gates Isolated Solos!!!!!!!!!
The Stage Official Backing track no synyster gates lead this is good for covers and play throughs. Enjoy!
Synyster gates live singing!!
Synyster If you read this make sure you have more singing duties in future albums this is proof you are a awesome singer!!!
I think the rhythm chords are lacking I needed to do better power chords. What do you guys think?
Not sure on this one I think it's a 6.99 out of 10 I played it too robotic or out of time I think. Everyone on the comment section is saying a look like m.shadows are they right?
I can only do the easiest part of the bat country solo however its the tastiest! Maybe I should Have used more vibrato and had rhythm guitar over it. Most of the complaints on my youtube channel were that i didn't finish it XD hahaha. This part of the solo mad me fall in love with avenged sevenfold
Hail to the King Lead Guitar Backing track with vocals, with the official master tracks the lead guitar has been totally erased. I hope this helps guitarists out there!
All Synyster Gates isolated guitar tracked solos!!!
M.shadows having a difficult time singing, he should have warmed up his voice!