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Let The Sparks Fly

Cover of "Let The Sparks Fly" by Thousand Foot Krutch.
I decided to re-upload a video from 2017, in order to document it.


This is a guitar play through of an original demo track called Ascension. All music written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Anson Isaacs.
This is not a cover, but anyone who likes Van Halen will love this edit.
All of the original guitar parts have been removed and redone by me.
An experimental metal song with orchestra.
This version combines elements of the studio version and the live version, as well as some of my ideas.
An original song by Anson Isaacs.
This cover is done by Anson Isaacs. The original version was written and recorded by Petra. Song lyrics are based on Romans 7:15
My cover of The Dream Is Over by Van Halen.
My attempt to play all these songs through without stopping, as if it were live.

She's The Woman

My cover of She's The Woman by Van Halen.
Deadmau5 meets Rammstein.. An Edm/Metal track.
An original song by Anson Isaacs.
Made a version for streaming
I put my guitars on Everybody Praise The Lord by Lincoln Brewster
My guitar cover of Steve Vai's song Building The Church, from his album Real Illusions: Reflections.
A guitar play through for one of my original songs (Road To Damascus)
Van Halen As Is Guitar Cover by Anson Isaacs.
Guitar cover of James Hetfield's parts in Creeping Death.
Check out my new-ish tune Dead Pirate Souls.