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Media added by Dimitris Findanis

Trying to get back into practising..
I m trying to get back into practising lately but I feel so tired from my daily routine..

Leap Of Faith

My first single is almost ready!!
I am practising this track lately. Way different from what I am used to play.
Here is a melodic improv!!

guitar vid

quarantine day#7: At least we have a lot of free time for practice!!
Trying to work my sweeping after a long time
Just noodling around with my new guitar
This is a demo of an original song. I am a little confused for some parts but at least I have the skeleton of the song
Nice to be back in this beautiful community!
So today I had a nice afternoon playing some chess and listening to jazz. After that I played guitar and I really enjoyed it! 🙂
This is me playing random stuff after practice in a bad mood day!
This is me playing over Richard's beautiful backing track!
So today it's live day! We play in a local bar at Thessaloniki Greece. We will play some rock and blues stuff. I am looking forward to having some drinks and playing music.
This is my demo recording at the 24 Caprice of Nicolo Paganini! Sorry for the bad video I was very tired. I hope you like it!
I'm not a jazz guitar player and this song took me quite a while to figure it out. Any feedback is appreciated.
So this is a idea that came to me when I started jamming to this backing track. I recorded this idea using guitar rig 5 and cubase. I was an alternate picking player but the last months I am practicing economy picking, so in this recording I use the second etude in economy picking.
A cover from the movie crossroads!