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#OneStringChallenge Disclaimer: I am not good at tapping..
Lesson 79 Sweep Picking 01 - the pinky roll on the low E and A is hard with stumpy fingers..Please excuse the constapated face..
2020 08 24 SGS Build Up 2 Rhythm 5
2020 08 24 SGS Build Up 2 Rhythm 4
2020 07 17 SGS Build Up 2 Rhythm 2
Trying to fit better with Alicia's half.
Audio is a bit blown out sorry, but timing should be a lot better
Split video and audio recording to try and improve both. Also took in Calvin's suggestions for the rhythm and tail of the it.
Brown, mid gain. Would you be able to let me know which of these two is better for the collab please ?
Used phone instead of web cam. Apparently my phone mirrors the image.. odd.. I'll have to work on that next, but at least there is no clipping and it's clearer and yes it's like the worse angle to do it at coz I was trying to do it quickly whilst i had time.
Need to do something about the clipping and video quality and practice.. and more practice.. ugh practice...
Something simple to start out with..
Sometimes I play during daylight...
I'm really bad at muting...
Lesson 24 Pentatonic Run for Jak's challenge
Forgot to do the three notes part at the end..