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Media added by Gabriel Silva

I'm very proud of this one. Ibanez RG421AHM-BMT Guitar Rig 5
I know, I know... this one is sloppy af, I surely will record it again on the future, but I was so excited with this preset from BIAS FX 2 that I just couldn...
This mix between metal and flamenco is addictive, there's a good legato exercise on this bit
Got addicted to this for a while, such a beautiful progression
Messed up a little bit on the sweep but still good
This one literally took me 90 attempts to record, I still can't feel my fingers.
Definitely one of my favourite solos, written by Papa Gates.
Not the entire song because its long af, someday I will try to learn the acoustic solo
The Rev would turn 41y on 9th of this month, I did my best on this cover
Love this one because it was part of my childhood, reminds me when I was 12 playing Guitar Hero 3, actually it's harder on GH3 than it is on the real guitar ...
Remembering all strings that I broke when I was learning this hahahahah
One of the hardest solos that I can actually play Ibanez RG421 AHM Guitar Rig 5