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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by GuitarPadawan102022

Attempt Level 6
Learned some slash chords, and Bass Runs. Super fun.
Graduated level 5
Learned some Best Strum + scratch, Ballard Strum, Palm mute with bass strum, syncopated 16th notes.
Graduated Level 4
Learned mini f barred chords, and country G chords.
Gradated Level 3 in my guitar workshop
Learned some palm muting, bass strums, scratches, 16th notes, Ballard strum. Rhythmic Command
Solo 3 Complete
Third ACPG solo covering the foundation of bends and slides
Second Solo Complete ACPG
Second ACPG solo covering the foundation of hammer ons and pull offs.
Good Riddance by green days
I have practiced the SUS chords. and this song Good Riddance by green days was really peaceful.
First Solo

First Solo

Learning the basic of solos of the pentatonic took a while to make a video of it.
Learning some solo
Using, ACPG solos to learn how to learn basic solo.
My Girl, Regular Strumming
I really enjoyed playing the strong. Need to work on my clarity especially not hitting all the string when it's C, Am or D7, but this was fun.
Graduated From Level 2 Strums for near beginner.
Yeah, Pass level 2, Thought I was going to fail, especially switching half of a bar of C. Still tricky and will keep on practicing more. Burn like 2 hours, I was so frustrated but took a break then. https://nycguitarschool.com/graduate/
Learning Best Strum
Learning how the best strum with the song, Zoombie by the cranberries and did enjoy cord switching. Wasted hours but fun. Chords are, Em, C, G and D. Feedback is always appreciated.
Graduated Level 1 Basic Strum
I signed up to a NYC guitar school with a private tutor and unlimited online classes. They have level for each online class. Just past level 1 which was learning how to switch cords. I’m in level 2, learning strumming. Any feedback on my playing on my basic strumming is much appreciated. https://nycguitarschool.com/graduate/ If you're interested on graduated topics, I posted a link