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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by JakAngelescu

I've loved this song for over 20 years and was SO happy to learn it! Gonna be practicing it with Holly to do our own harmonies soon🙂 Not the best singing but I'm working on it :)
My work so far with Iron Maiden-Aces High 🥰
Them: "Yeah you can play Hail to the King, but can you play the verse for Aces High?" Me: "No 🥴" I enjoyed my practice and what I've learned so far. These are bits and pieces 🙂
Poison "Talk Dirty To Me"
I love this solo! I can't wait to play this and a few other 80s classics this week! Thanks to @[11:@Brian Haner Sr.] For the CAGED lessons cuz this was a cinch to figure out!
Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone
OMG after completing the entire CAGED section and practicing the shit out of it, there's so many goal solos I'm finally learning! Also this is my very first attempt at recording this with the interface the students gifted me years ago 🥰 Jak Angelescu shared a post on Instagram: "My very first reel, and my very first recorded guitar cover! I was obsessed with this movie as a kid and never thought I'd be able to ever play this solo. Well, after seeing I absolutely HAD TO TRY!!