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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Jamie London

The Artist - Alesana

The Artist - Alesana

First play through. Timing is a bit off a couple of times but that’s an easy fix! “The emptiness will haunt you” 👻
Messing around with one of my cure favorite songs, “Drugs” by M.A.G.S
One of, if not my absolute favorite song by Alesana. I’ve always loved this band and was fortunate enough to work for front man Shawn Milke’s record label for a number of years, as well as helping Alesana run their social media pages. They’ve never compromised their art for anyone and I’ll always admire that about them. Usually I try to post the best takes when adding something to the riff section but not today. Here’s my raw slightly messy cover of their stellar song “Lullaby of the Crucified” from my favorite album of theirs, “A Place Where the Sun Is Silent”. Enjoy friends “Sing a touching lullaby, and we’ll watch the angels cry”
An older video from a few months ago but one that I’m proud of :) A beautiful track that The Doors made their own with Jim’s spoken word poetry. I love Robby’s playing on this track and it’s been one of the songs I’ve been using to practice my vibrato more since there’s so much breathing room 😄
One of my favorite songs from The Doors. I love weird and uncomfortable, music and this track is a great example of that being done well. I tried to sort of add my own takes on the weirdness to the playing to further push the more uncomfortable “out there” vibe the song presents. Some areas I think it worked, some areas it just sounds meh or flat, but uhhhh points for trying? 😅 It’s a weird song and I had a blast with it. The original is just so keyboard dominated that hearing the guitar parts played over top is a bit jarring, at least in my opinion. If you’ve never heard the song before definitely check it out, you’ll see what I mean and it’s a WILD ride. I cut off right before the solo because it’s going to take a bit more time before I can tackle that beast! Robby Krieger is a creative genius when it comes to guitar. Severally underrated by later generations imo. “The minister's daughter's in love with the snake” 🐍
My second attempt at the short instrumental track “Horn” by the late great Nick Drake. I’ve been listening to him religiously for years and feel incredibly inspired to start really taking the deep dive into his songs from a guitarists stand point. Learning his songs and techniques, which are most definitely not simple, so it’s a bit intimidating and outside of my wheelhouse. There’s a couple little uh oh here and there but not too shabby imo :) Using my Martin mini as it’s the only Martin I currently own, but I wouldn’t feel right to play Nicks music on anything else haha.
Getting a little dreamy and spacey with some Mew tonight

Feast of Friends

Here’s a funky fun track! I’ve been working on learning DMV by Primus by ear😄 I think I’m doing ok so far! Featuring the sleepy husky Luna Doo 😅
It’s been a second since I’ve played anything acoustically and thought this would be a fun track to learn. Pretty straight forward and fun to play. I’m not sure what my picking hand was doing here, flopping all over the place apparently lol.. I think I caught it a few times though. What can I say, I was feeling the music and having a blast :P Anyways, I’m excited to fine tune this a little more and have a cleaner and more pronounced version up ASAP :) Also, once I feel like I have the full track down in a good place I’m going to start getting down on that tasty solo 🤘🤘
A bit of light practice with a fun “sweetcore” solo 😁
Practice makes perfect and this is definitely not perfect, so practice it is :P Side note: year of the cat is one of my favorite songs of all time and if you haven’t heard it before, definitely check it out! :)
A short clip of a longer (yet error filled video) of myself trying to learn one of my favorite songs of all time by ear. This is something I’m trying to get better at. It’s a tad messy but I’ll post a full video once I have it down. This is just a video of the learning process :) it’s exciting and I just wanted to share


A bit of a song I’ve been working on called “Ciphers”. The full song is written out, some of the parts are just tricky and I don’t have them 100% down yet so I strung this together from the main parts of the verse and chorus :)
A cover of the track “Horn” by Nick Drake. He used lots of odd tunings + finger picking patterns so his style has always seemed unobtainable to me (I never finger pick lol) but I’ve decided to do my best to learn from what he left behind 😄 Only just learned it today. Sorry for metronome vol!
This is a bit of a thrashy song my drummer and I have been working on called ‘Coma’. Sadly I’m not playing to a click here (I know I know, for shame) but the ap I use wouldn’t play while taking a video. Comments + constructive criticism welcome!
A little bit of one of my favorite songs from The Rolling Stones. Keith is a master of bluesy country guitar and I’ve always found his playing on this song to be interesting and fun! Any comments or criticism is of course welcome!