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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Javier Wienarjati

Here's my performance for "I'm Jazz a Kid" Prambanan Jazz 2023 Final. One of the most difficult song I have ever played. LOL. The result : I won the 1st winner prize for Guitar category.
I'm not a fan of Petrucci, but I like this song. Still practicing and messing up a lot. Lol
We Love You (OUTRO) - Avanged Sevenfold
Playing around the outro part with my sustainiac. Unfortunately it was low battery. LOL
Für Elise - Ludwig Van Beethoven (Arr: Dan Mumm)
I like this, especially on the hybrid pickings.
I learned this last week, someone requested this on my IG. I want to learn We Love You but I've been busy learning Marty Friedman's Japanese Heritage Official Song for my Ansemble team audition, next Sunday. I hope I can make it and learn We Love You soon.
Ego Death - Polyphia (Steve Vai Solo part)
More than 2 weeks learning this solo part. My first song where I have to navigate trem bar whole part and using my sustainiac. Overall I love my sustainiac though it need a lot of work to play it right.🤩
Hey guys, yesterday I saw Tim Henson's POV of Playing God video. So I tried to make my version this morning. Here it is, some missing notes but I'm quite happy with the result. It only took 4x takes til I finally got this video. Lol..
Hi guys.. This is my entry for a guitar challenge held by Peavey, HHM Guitar Challenge 2023. I won't be the winner for sure, but I'm happy to join it. I chopped some licks from Syn, Scorpion, other band (I forgot), and also a classical piece Eine Kleine. Can you recognize them?😂
Finally! Took 4 monts and few centuries to finished it. 😂 You can see how I started to learn at the end of this video.
TRAINWRECK😆😆 Goshhh, this is really hard. I will kep practicing, hopefully next month will be better.💪
Today is my birthday, officially 9yo and I want to record something for my birthday but my interface is not working. I finally play nobody 100% but here I just recorded it with my phone because I can't use my DAW. I made some mistakes or some notes are missing not clearly ringing. It's definitely so hard for me. LOL Thank you.
Technical Difficulties (intro) - Racer X (Paul Gilbert)
Finally 100% speed🥳. It's been hard to passed all of these triplets. My teacher pushed me to make every notes ring clear on this speed.🙈 Still some missing notes here and there. But I'm quite happy with the result.
It's only 50% speed, but it's already crazy hard. Hopefully will be finished before I graduate high school.🤣
Hey guys, here's my progress update of Eugene Trick Bag. Last week I post 65% speed, and today I reach 83% speed but still awful. Lol. Thanks to @RoaringRowanThunderBender for making me feel great practicing.💪
Nobody (chorus part) - Avenged Sevenfold
Joining the party. Still very sloppy and messy. I'm practicing the solo part, but I think it will take forever to finish.😆
Still messy and very slow. The second part of this song is similar with 1st seconds of syn's solo nobody. But then I don't know. LOL.
Jamming on my favorite guitar shop, finally I play on Syn custom, although it's not mine. It's way bigger than I thought. But I feel more handsome on it. LOL.
This is my lesson progress for my teacher, and got rejected by him. Lol😆 Still have to practice in the same speed, still not passed the test. I'll post my progress for this song.💪
Hey guys, this is my weekend jamming. We're having so much fun.🥳🥳
Pegasus Fantasy (OST. Saint Seiya) - Make Up
Another collab with my drummer friend. It always felt better playing or jamming with a friend than playing alone.
The solo is simple pentatonics, but it's trickier than it seems. Tricky to play it with the right "feels".
Hey guys, another overplayed song here. Lol. But this time, I am jamming with my friend Nadine on the drum. She's so cool. We're playing Nightmare together. Not a good quality sound, but we're having fun.
Hey guys, I'm back with my progress. Yesterday was the 31st day on learning Playing God. I have passed the harmonic minor part, but it's still messy and I think I don't like the tone. I need to tweak another tone on my NUX MG 400. No outro yet, still working on it. Lol.
Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa
Using some of @[18553:@Rezasa] 's licks for this song. It's so fun. 😃