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Media added by Javier Wienarjati

Hey guys, another overplayed song here. Lol. But this time, I am jamming with my friend Nadine on the drum. She's so cool. We're playing Nightmare together. Not a good quality sound, but we're having fun.
Hey guys, I'm back with my progress. Yesterday was the 31st day on learning Playing God. I have passed the harmonic minor part, but it's still messy and I think I don't like the tone. I need to tweak another tone on my NUX MG 400. No outro yet, still working on it. Lol.
Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa
Using some of @[18553:@Rezasa] 's licks for this song. It's so fun. 😃
It took so looonnnggg to record this. Christmas and holidays got me lazy. Lol! It always fun to play along with @[18553:@Rezasa] licks. The original licks is in here https://synner.com/media/5-guitar-licks-to-improve-your-skills-ep-2.6184/
Hello guys, my school holiday is almost over. 😌 This is my little project for holidays : learning Playing God. I post my daily progress on my ig story, and here is one of the progress. Today I am on day #14, still far from the complete version. 🥴
Finally I can finished @[18553:@Rezasa] pentatonic licks episode 1. You really should try them guys, I have so much fun learning them. https://synner.com/media/5-guitar-licks-to-improve-your-skills-ep-1.6180/
Tears In The Rain - Joe Satriani
Still working on minor scales. This song is fully on harmonic minor family chord. We can use this song to memorize some chord shapes. My favourite part is the 6 inversions of dim7 chords before the last part of the song. They're basicly the same chord but has different roots and names. Next I will work on the dreamy melodic minor scale.
Hi guys, finally catching the whole song. I play this song for 1 month already. This so hard because of the speed, and it's hard to muting the strings in this speed. so the tone is so messy. But I like this song a lot, so I will try to record this song again next month, hopefully it will be better.
Hail to The King riffs practice
I have many messy videos lately. Having many exams and homeworks at school, not much time for using interface and DAW. I have trouble on keeping the tempo at the alternate picking part. I think I did good on my guitar pro with metronome, but I have problems when I do play along with the original audio. Do you guys have any tips to make my alternate picking tempo better? Thank you..
This is something that I've been working on. The Minor scale. This song is in A minor harmonic family chords, and the licks on natural and harmonic minor scale. This is the 2nd song that has Question and Answer type licks for me, and it's hard to keep my attention span because I love dancing with this song.😆 At the end of the song, do you see oreo there? Hahaha that's my baby brother.
Hey guys, this is my daily guitar warm up exercise. I do this before my daily lessons, this so good for our hands and fingers. Don't worry, it is not about speed, but it's about fingering and accuracy. If you jump playing in fast speed, you might get muted notes or skipping the notes. I made gp7 tabs and soundslice. Click the link below for guitarpro tabs, or click in youtube description for gp7 tabs or soundslice. I hope you like it. Thanks. Gdrive guitarpro : https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1QYSsSRy9QPFqS3dARbVHleEE4e7avKJu Soundslice : https://www.soundslice.com/slices/dVhkc/
Still hanging around A minor pentatonics and last sunday I was practicing it with my grandpa. He is 72 years old. My grandpa gave me my first 3/4 acoustic guitar 2 years ago. I messed up a lot in this video. But I am much better now, I will post my latest progress soon.
Hi guys, this was something that I learn last week. I made this video also to practice my english. Still messed up but I hope you can understand what I am saying in the video.
Playing Helfield Solo (Master of Puppets) with my mom
It was fun playing with my mom. Although she always cheats. She always makes me do the harder parts. LOL. 😂 We only did the easiest part of the song. I still strugle to play the intro and verse downpicking riffs. Any tips that doesn't make my wrist hurts?
Radioactive - Imagine Dragon (Kfir Ochaion version)
Going to a guitar shop afterschool today. Trying few used guitars. So this beauty is not my guitar guys. Well I wish it were mine.😆
Hi guys, after a week of practice from my last post, this is the final version of my As Tears Go By cover. My guitar exam is on Saturday, I hope I can pull it of. I have 1 more task for the exam: song in C major and I choose to play Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. I'll post it later. Hope you like it, and thanks for all your supports.😻 Oh thats my brother Paolo on the background btw. He is 4 years old and he likes drawing.😸
Very sloppy "As Tears Go By" A7X Grammy version practice
Having practice for one of my exam task: Play a song in G major. I chose to play As Tears Go By (The Rolling Stones) - A7X Grammy version. Still very sloppy in every part especially in Papa Gates' part. I'm sorry Papa Gates @[11:@Brian Haner Sr.] I'm butchering your solo.🙏
Learning Pantera's Floods solo
Hi guys, this is something that I've been working on this week. A new technique for me. My harmonics are still sucks and messed up. 😆 Still on progress..
Finally after almost a month exercise this crazy speed. A lot of messed up notes.😆 Last month I took this for a week, then I get bored. Last week my mom told me to give it a try for a week. And here I am now, messed up a lot. Hard for muting strings in this crazy speed.
Nightmare solo is an overplayed riff/lick here in Synner. LOL😆 Everyone here play Nightmare, so I'm not gonna miss it. I have to play Nightmare too, although it's so messy.😂😂 So here's my version. With censorship in the bad word part. 😆
This is the longest full arpeggio song for me, and I learnt it extremely hard. The song's name is Echo Song by Paul Gilbert. This is my favorite song. The song is very long, no rest at all, and my hands shaking like Doctor Strange's hands. LOL. I love the result although the delay preset is not as good as my analog. I hope you like it's guys!
This is my first video after the HFMD crisis. LOL..2 weeks ago, I had HFMD on my hands and feet. I'm better now and I have won the bet with my mom. I've nailed this song, so I got my new Avangers shoes.🥳
It's me 4 days ago, my third day practicing this song. Still awful, sloppy, out of tune and tempo sometime. Mom made a bet with me, she will buy me new Avenger shoes if I can play Scream full song. LOL But now I have Hand Mouth Foot Disease (HMFD) blisters in all of my hands and feet. 😑 So not gonna play this song for few days until better. Took longer for the shoes I guess.😂
A homework from my teacher. Playing with some delays. This is some attempt to complete the song. A very looonngg song for me. Still missing some parts plus bit sloppy. Still working on the speed. Recorded straight from the phone.