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Saint Veronika

I learned the solo for this a while back but hesitated on the rest of the song. It’s a fairly daunting task to learn with all its awkward chord changes, and playing chords cleanly isn’t my strong suit. But I put in effort tonight and made progress! Still a few sections I need to learn and lots to tighten up !!
I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this song for a couple weeks now and just the other day I finally got the motivation to tune this guitar to drop C just to learn this. Here is it so far! Not fully sure on some of the picking near the end 🤷🏻‍♂️

Beastie Harmony

Having a bit of Friday Night Fun! I got my new ZV Special and had to try it out! It has such amazing tones to it 😍 and in messing around with it, this happened lol


I’ve been practicing this song for a while now. The solo I can play when it’s slowed down but as you can see from this video, at speed I cannot 😂 just enjoy my facial expressions lol. Anyway, I really enjoy this song as a whole from start to finish. I also need to learn the outro 😅

End of Me

I partially learned this song to duet it with Ian on Tik tok from Billy Talent 😅 it’s their newest song so it’s difficult to get a good tab for it at the moment and I have no skill in learning by ear. But I very much enjoy the song. I’m also trying to practice using my pedal To change effects mid song, something I’ve never tried to do until recent
Clairvoyant Disease Solo
I made this a little while ago but never got around to posting it to here! All parts are played by me and there is no back track whatsoever!

M.I.A practice

This’s is the most practicing I’ve ever put into a song. And also most proper! Using proper picking technique and such. I also love the buildup in this song right before the solo. I’ll try and post more progress Videos as I go 🤟🏻
Bat Country Solo

Bat Country Solo

Got my new white and gold Synyster Custom and had to try it out
Worked my ass off to get that riff to sound half decent! Still far from perfect but it’s now clearly recognizable!