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Media added by Kyle Roberts

First time playing in front of people. Wasnt the best wasnt the worst, but I enjoyed it a lot.
Better. Still meh. But better. I also have the heaviest foot in the world apparently lol sorry
Still have to comit the chords to memory im having to read them while playing at the moment, but doesnt feel too bad for a first try. The mistakes just let you know its actually me playing right?

Like a stone solo

Learning the full song, but I love the use of the whammy in the solo

Heavy Practice

Great 4 chord song with quick transitions and strum patterns
10 days later in 30 days
issuing myself another 30 day challenge take 1
A redo of the first thing i shared on Synner back in april 2021 https://youtu.be/RHde36pLoYE for comparison. I feel like ive come around a little bit, and am excited to continue on this journey with you all. Thank you all for being so kind and helpful
testing recording methods, any suggestions on fixing audio levels ?

Stay practice

This was my first try recording through my computer instead of my phone so if you have any input on the overall sound please let me know, I know for the future i will need to turn up the backing tracks a bit but for just technique practice i think it came out ok. Stay post malone I have been following a lot of Guitarzerotohero guides and this is another one.
Can’t help falling in love with you, the c and g chord is coming around but that b to d chord transition needs work.
Day one of fingerpicking. Turns out I can’t chord change while trying to fingerpick so it will be a lot of work but i think I can catch Sungha Jung 🙃
Started learning this one yesterday and I think this has my new favorite chorus, such a strong chord progression under those amazing vocals. Hope to learn it well enough to play it some day
Ever since I heard this song ive loved it, the first time I pulled up the chord sheet to it I just got discouraged and closed it, but the past week ive been working away at it. Keep practicing and playing what makes you happy friends :) (This isnt a great practice video since the song is a little overbearing and covers some of my smaller mistakes buts its something)
Still needs some work on the changes and tempo, as well as accenting but it’s getting there. I swear I have different clothes just seems that I’m always wear...
Can’t use my hands and feet at the same time apparently but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made over the year.
as always feel free to leave criticism and feedback. Felt like rolling off the gain for todays practice and learn some of the clean solos and parts ive always enjoyed
Jamming with A7X 2020 style. I’ve tried to add little play alongs like this to every days practice to improve timing and rhythm, but as you can tell still ha...
Just a funday there is an endless number of things to work on but today I just wanted to share some fun riffs before work.
Honestly I dont think i improved much past the first week which is fair considering I put way more practice that first week. Will keep practicing moving forward but I feel I couldve improved more with more concentrated practice. My fret hand pinky is trying to get away from my hand