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Hey Synners! This time I covered this incredible part, enjoy! If you have any suggestions for me to cover next time let me know please!
Hey Synners! I wanted to share with you a little thing I've been working in. The intro is an arrangement I made using the tremolo technique over the chord progression. Peace ✌🏻

The Stage Outro

  • Leo7F Leo7F
  • Feb 28, 2021
Hello!! I decided to learn the outro of The Stage that Syn plays live, the chords used here remember me a lot to Villa-Lobos Etude N°1 (check it if you want to hear an awesome shred on classical guitar) on the last part i'm doing some tremolo wich is a common tecnique for classical guitar (check Recuerdos de la Alhambra, incredible piece that uses tremolo on the whole song) if you checked those songs let me know what you think! Peace |m|

SGS Riff Contest Entry

  • Leo7F Leo7F
  • Jan 15, 2021
Hello! I'm uploading again my participation for the riff contest, in this video i'm talking about the lessons I used, what i love from the SGS and my aspirations as musician. English is not my first language so I tried my best, hope you can understand me :) . Thank you for watching!

Riff Contest

  • Leo7F Leo7F
  • Jan 3, 2021
This is my participation for the new Riff Contest, here I am using the The harmonic minor scale (Lesson 101) I really like the sound and emotions that this scale transmits. for the arpeggio part I am using the lesson 48 (introduction to building chords) to make a chord progression on that scale and then using the lesson 49 (Building more complicated chords) I started adding some 7th chords to change the sound and make it more "Jazz" What I love of the Syn Gates School is that you can progressively learn guitar no matter your level or skills in a very organized way and having the support of the others students that are always helping to overcome the difficulties. My main aspiration as musician is composing my own music, I love Pinkly Smooth and currently I am composing music inspired by them, maybe some day if you want I can share something of that here Hope you enjoy my participation and thank you for listening!