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On behalf of the people of my country (Myanmar), I would like to ask help for support against the military coup that has took placed in Feb 1. I haven't been here learning much since then because the Junta cut off all our internet and cells in order to prevent the world knowing the real situation here. In this song, I created about all the killings and abducting civilians and to encourage my people that no matter how much they kill, they may only kill our life but not our souls that are against them because it's 2021 they they are taking us back to the stone ages. I reached out to Syn a few weeks ago but I think he has not seen my messages. So I beg you Syn, your encouragement to me will mean a lot to me. My dad and I are well known musicians here and we are on their warrant list. We have been running and now I get wifi at a home who are kind enough to let my dad and I to stay for a few days since we have been running.
We’re all kids band from Myanmar 🇲🇲 Please take a listen when you have time
I was in a rush for recording because I was at the quarantine center and God I had prayed too hard to get back home before 6th Dec. Luckily I recorded today which is 6th Dec and upload it. For this riff, Syn is my idol. I admire all his solos and all his riffs. I know this contest is supposed to be only using Syn's tip. But for me, this is not about winning or anything even though I tried so hard to impress Syn. I'm already happy enough by knowing Syn will check my video out :). I based this riff on Avenged Sevenfold's Shepherd of Fire and Syn's pentatonic tips. Syn and this school has made me a better guitarist than before. Thank you always for this Syn and Pa Pa Gates. Much love from Myanmar 🇲🇲
Recent Solo that I learned
Do you know the song? I'm now learning to play afterlife :) So hard :')
Please some suggestions please
Rocking in Myanmar!!!!!
This was at water festival in Myanmar, do you recognize the song?
Hi everyone!! We are The Royals (starter rock band) from Myanmar. This is our very first cover. Our favorite band The Used's I caught fire. We put alot of effort