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It's been quite some time since my last upload and activity on the forums, but I didn't forget the School! About a year and a half I started working on sweep picking, I recorded myself and posted the video here ( At this time, it was a very hard technique for me so I didn't really work on it. I decided to come back to it two or three month ago and I tried to practice more efficiently, training the two hands separately, with a metronome and while recording myself to hear what were my mistakes, and I improved till I could follow 100 BPM. Then I decided to make a second video today so I can track my progress, and maybe get feedback from you guys.
My progress on the advanced introduction to sweep picking lesson
I just made this video about where I currently am with the advanced introduction to sweep picking lesson. It was interesting to see this video for me as I can truly listen and see what I am doing. Any feedback is welcome!
My progress on the intermediate introduction to tapping lesson
This is where I am on the different exercises of the intermediate introduction to tapping lesson. Thank you Papa Gates for allowing me to get there.
Tutorial on dive bombs and natural harmonics
Here is my participation to the riff section challenge! I chose to make a kind of tutorial and synthesis about what I learned from doing dive bombs without a Floyd Rose. I hope that you will like it!