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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Pablo De Miguel

I had so much fun learning this tune. I´ve been taking classes for six months now and I´m making a lot of progress. One day I´ll upload a video improvising so you can see my improovement. Enjoy the video :)
Hope you enjoy it :)
Its been three monts since I first started clasess looking forward accesing music school some day and I´m making progress. This is a solo I learned with an aproach i have never used before: listening to te solo over and over again until you know it perfectly and then playing it on the guitar whithout writing the notes down so I can acquire the musical languaje so I can use it while improvising
I´ve been taking classes for almost two months now to help me access music school one day and I´m making some progress. This is an excercise my teacher told me to do to get more control over the modes (It´s the doric mode in this case). The thing is to play every doric mode folowing the circle of fourths(just the circle of fifhts but backwards because on a real situation music the most comon armonic movement is a fourth) over It´s seventh chord.
I had to use a pitch shifter because my floyd rose is set up to E standard tuning so it can´t handle C drop tuning, which is the tuning of these song.

goose polyphia

Some months ago I uploaded some videos practicing some exercises and jazz improvisations meant to get me ready for music school acces exam, which I failed for second time in three years. I didn´t upload as many videos as I would like to because I was really burned out of playing guitar at that time which definetly affected me negatively on the exam (I think I just uploaded a couple of videos). I decided to sing up for a course that is meant to prepare people for music school acces exam so I just moved on to an other city so I can do classes. After I failed the exam I went to the doctor and turned out that I had tendinitis so I didn´t touch my guitar in all the summer which was a good chance to relax and to feel less burned out of playing. This is the first song I have learned since my wrist was fully recovered, hope you enjoi it and hope soon I can anounce I´ve been admitted in music school :)
This is the thirth song I´m going to play on my acces exam to the music school


This is a bossa nova called "desafinado". It´s an other song that i´m planing to play in the acces exam that i´ve been talking about so I will upload more videos playing these song
It´s been a while since the last video i posted here. This time I recorded an improvisation over "all the things you are". This is the first time I played this song in a lot of days so I get lost sometimes.
I have decided that I´m going to play this song in the acces exam to enter a music school, so I will upload a lot of videos playing this standard
After listening to the recording of this cover I noticed a lot of mistakes that are hard to notice to on real time while playin. I will be working on fix those mistakes
So the past week one of the music schools in which I´m planning to take an acces exam organiced an open day in which i got to see some lessons and receive a lesson from a teacher from the school. The teacher told me that I´m not skilled enought to pass the exam and gave me a few advices to work on. I still have 3-4 months to prepare myself for the exam. I also realised how important is to have contact with musicians, because there was a big difference between the other two applicants, who have regular touch with other musicians and have lessons with a jazz teacher and me,I live in a small village so I don´t have the chance to meet other musicians and to have lessons with a teacher neither(I´m taking online lessons but it is not te same thing). However, I came back home motivated, I restructured my practice routine based on what the teacher advised me and I think that by the time the exams come I will have chances to pass.
This improvisation is over a jazz standard called "like someone in love"
In this recording I´m trying to aply some of the beebop ideas that I uploated a couple days ago, which happends to be quite difficult to do it on a real improvisation situation
An improvisation over jazz standard "days of wine and roses"
I have an online teacher who taught me the beebop scales and how are they suposed to be used to and he told me that I shoud try to come up with some ideas to use them in a musical way so then I can use those ideas while improvising, this is 5 ideas that I came up this afternoon. I looped three measures to practice it: GbMaj7/Gm7-C7/Fmaj7

beautifull love

This is an improvisation over a jazz standard called "beautifull love"
Improvisation over the jazz standard "all the things you are"
This time I´m constantly watching the laptop screen because this standard has a lot of different chords and i didn´t learn all the harmony of the song
It seems that since the last time I entered the SynGates school the jazz section for the student media has been deleted so I´m just going to upload my jazz improvisation/practice in the riff section. This one is an improvisation over "Straight no Chaser" by Thelonius Monk
Hi everyone! A while ago I promised that I was going to be more active in the SynGates school...this time I promise that I´m just not going to dissapeard from here XD. So around two years ago I had the intenton to take an access exam to be admited in a jazz school, I even asked for some help here in the SynGates school, but I failed that exam and I had to look for a b plan, so I got into musicology and I studied it for one year and I didn´t like it at all, I left the carreer and I came back home to study for a year to apply for the same exam that I failed two years ago, which is the situation that I´m currently in, waiting for summer to come to repeat that exam(Im actualy planning to also repeat the same exam in other jazz schools). I´m studing jazz every single day and this video is kind of the techical level i´m currently on, it is an improvisation over a jazz standard called "solar"