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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Rezasa

Happy new year everybody! I made another fanmade track of our most beloved band Avenged Sevenfold. Made fully inspired and influenced by Avenged Sevenfold, specifically The Stage album and Diamonds In The Rough Album.
My take on Scream's guitar solo, the triplets in the beginning are crazy!
Me harmonizing on syn etudes, syn's right hand speed is too OP
Hi synners! The 3rd episode is up already. Check them and learn the licks 🤘
Hi synners! The 2nd episode is already up. Check them and learn the licks!
Hi synners! Just made this lesson video. Learn and try these licks for your jamming sessions or improvisations. These will improve your guitar skills greatly. Tabs download link in the comment.
Made this backing track, you guys can practice your guitar lead playing over this backing track. The key is on B minor.
An old video of mine, it was last year I did this cover. Truly an amazing solo by Syn!
I made another fanmade song, this one is in Lamb Of God's style. Enjoy guys!
Both the 1st and 2nd solo. So beautiful.
I did all the solos (Intro, Interlude, 1st Solo, 2nd Solo).

Tension (Guitar Solo)

A beautiful solo

Another Day (Guitar Solo)

Beautiful solo by John Petrucci

Bat Country (Guitar Solo)

Another A7x guitar cover, this one I added some strings sections for the backing track, to give it different feels with close to original guitar lead parts.
Been doing a lot of A7x cover lately, this song is soo underrated.
Best recent prog rock guitar solo in my opinion, so cool and beautiful at the same time.

"Lost" Guitar Solo Cover

A very difficult one, you are indeed a god Syn!
Tried as close as possible to the original using the pedals for the octave effects.
Tried my best, this solo is sooo good.
Totally fanmade of A7x song style, please check this out!