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Media added by Riff36

Testing new string

20 October 2023

Open Session freestyle solo. 😅🙌🫶🏼🇸🇬🤘🐰

20 October 2023

Open mic session.
Having fun open mic jamming session.

29 September 2023

Having fun and loving an impromptu solo at an Open mic session. Impromptu solo from both Dan & myself. 🫶🏼🤘🇸🇬🐰

Noodling at 3am

impromtu @ 3am 🤣🤘🇸🇬🤘🐰
Still in process. 😅🙌🫶🏼🤘🇸🇬🤘🐰
Insanely nice feeling for a B stock Jackson. ☺️🫶🏼🤘🇸🇬🤘🐰
Just Hv too have. 😅🙌🫶🏼🤘🇸🇬🤘🐰
As all Musician we just have to have one of EVH. Thou this is a replica from Indonesia made but theSustainer can go till tomorrow with the overtone switch as well. Amazing. ☺️🫶🏼🙌🤘🇸🇬🤘🐰

Hayko Cepkin - Paranoya

Paranoya şarkısının yer aldığı Aşkın Izdırabını albümünü Spotify, Apple Music, Fizy ve Deezer’da dinlemek, iTunes ile arşivinize katmak için tıklayın: https:...


listening to this currently for some influence from Toru styles.
Feeling alil Fcuk still cant execute this unique solo. Haha. Dwamn.

Practice make perfect

NOFX - The Decline (Live)

The DeclineLive in MontrealJune 25,2005