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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Sayonil Mitra

Here's mine. I use this type of licks as often as I can. Forgive the bad audio.
Busking is really really common in Brighton
I actually made this for the Fermi Paradox Challenge. But I always had this idea, how to make a tribute to the guitar duo I love. So here it is.
This is over the backing track chosen by Donnie. Apologies for too many wrong notes. Blues style playing is something I am still uncomfortable with and yet to discover. Any, just any sort of advice for improvement is welcome.
I recorded myself messing this solo up, just to send this to a friend, way back before joining this school. I tried to play it at almost full speed without any knowledge of economy picking or sweep picking ( I am learning now).
This is over C major chord. tried to use some arpeggios of Csus2 ( I guess:( ) and some slides. Tried to create some short melodies
This is my attempt for week 2. To be honest, I again just played what came to my mind instantly, which implies ( along with no explanation) some wrong notes may be there. But hey, sometimes wrong notes do the right thing. Oh, I modified a C major arpeggio with some notes from D major scale.
OK. Maybe this improv did not follow the rules of the challenge but that's the best I could do. Cuz, this week I could not give time and really make something better for not getting enough time. Also I played the backing track chosen by Ids on my own guitar and put it on a loop cuz some technical pr