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Media added by TreSavedge

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Weeknd...
3 year old video but I tend to think of this song around Vets Day. Happy Vets Day!
Playing on old strings. Probably not as good as my first take about a year ago but wanted to revisit this.
If nobody gonna free Britney, I'll just do it myself. PS: Realized the lick near end is very Scream-esque
Not quite there but will be soon…
“I had an entanglement”
Album is 30 years old this week. So both the song and the shirt are 1991. Couple notes I’d like to have back but it’s getting there...
There's a few pieces I'm working on right now. This is an old one I've been touching up between breaks from bigger projects/solos. (Basically a Side-Quest) I probably won't revisit it again for a while but overall I'm happy it's improved a bit. There's a bend that needs to be more spot on and a following bend that needs a longer hold. Couple fraks/note farts I can clean up too. Otherwise I'm happy it's coming along and will visit again from time to time whenever my brain is fried from learning new stuff.
Remember in the 2000s when metal got lame and there were no solos? Yea me neither…


When beginner players ask me how to best improve, I always tell them the honest truth... do drugs, use TikTok. That goes for most anything in life btw

Ginuwine: Pony (Jam)

Noodling on the same ol’ licks. Try’na find something that sticks.
Just more going down the 'Bullet' and 'Pierce' rabbit holes right now.
Hey ya'll, been too long! Just in a PTV and BFMV kick right now.
I listen to way too much Megadeth thus Marty sneaks into improv practice.

Short Improv

Cleaning up a couple of licks I’ve had in my library this year.