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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

Media added by Tyson

Tune 💯😀🙌
Enjoy 😃🙌
Thanks for watching got this in one take absolutely buzzing 💚🖤🥰
Thanks for watching Playing this along with the tabs hence the face 😂Hope you enjoyed this and please help a guy out with a sub appreciate it 💚🎸🖤🙏
Been a while 😬thanks for watching 💚🙏
No where near perfect I’m just glad I can finally play it through so it’s all progress from here but I was super excited so I had to share it with everyone 😂😂 thanks for watching 😃🤘
Very short 30s is all that’s aloud with the song 😬pretty darn good such a strange rhythm to get right 😃thanks again for watching 💚🖤🤘
Absolutely loved doing this one Mainly because it’s simple yet still so tricky and yet fast as flip and I pretty much nailed it honest I’m buzzing with it 😂😂💚🤘
Just on leaning bit couldn’t wait to share the progress 🔥🤘very pleased 💚🖤🤘
Absolutely loved learning this 😃bit of a tricky rythym to get right but once you do! nah who am I kidding you can still mess it up 😂😂 Thanks for watching and if you play give it ago 💚🖤🎸🤘
Didn’t know the song until it was requested pretty pleased with the outcome . Hope you’ve enjoyed watching and if you haven’t already come and check me out on TikTok 💚🤘appreciate it 💚🤘
😃hope part one was decent here’s part two because of the 60second limit . Couple of different parts in it . Enjoy and hey check me out 💚🔥🎸🖤🤘appreciate it massively 💚Tyson🖤🙏
Found the start of this very tricky to get right 😬definitely recommend learning it 💚🖤🎸enjoy 🤘
😃pretty pleased with this 😃enjoy 😃💚🤘
Pretty simple yet so tricky to play right . 💚enjoy🖤🤘