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Start to a Original song Hopefully it gets you rocking It’s best listened to with headphones and a open mind 😃😃Thanks for having a listen and please let me...
#avengedsevenfold #riffs #saveme #dancingdead #welcometothefamily #batcountry #shepherdoffire #thismeanswar #unholyconfessions #3am #schecter #schecterguita...
Literally can’t stop playing this absolutely amazing song hope you all enjoy 😃😃👍
😃enjoy 😃😃nice easy one to learn 😉😃👍
Clean piano intro 😃learnt by 👂 😃😃enjoy❤️🎸🫶👍
Got a tad lost off in the middle but still a canny cover 😃thanks for having a look 👀
Still incredibly difficult to get right but hey it’s getting a lot better 😃thanks for having a look ❤️👍
😃😃😃absolutely class riff 😃😃👍
Just for fun and something a bit different 😂😃enjoy 😃😃
Still a tricky one to get right 🤦‍♂️
😉 enjoy 😃🙏👍
Did these about a year ago First time I’ve played them in forever but definitely improving Thanks for having a look 😃😃👍
Super sexy riff 😃enjoy 😃
my 3rd attempt at a more professional video Audio recorded through wave pad and video edited with video pad Hope you all enjoy and thanks for looking Tyson
Thanks so much for looking Hope you all enjoyed my cover Please help support me and my channel I’d really appreciate itTyson