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    Happy birthday SYN!!!!

    Aye, Happy Birthday Syn!
  2. Andrew Milner

    What makes your playing uniquely you?

    I am able to create Metallica sounding riffs or punk-rock/pop-punk riffs on a whim, almost only by just looking at the guitar sometimes. I envision them almost. I guess that sorta counts? :LOL:
  3. Andrew Milner

    Aight everyone, see you in about an hour live on SynTV! :D

    Aight everyone, see you in about an hour live on SynTV! :D
  4. Andrew Milner

    Don't Fear The Reaper Stream #2

    As the song goes: "the time has come to say fair's fair" :LOL:.
  5. Andrew Milner

    Don't Fear The Reaper Stream #2

    Yes, it's free for the first 60 days. And yes, you will need an audio interface if you want to record guitars or other instruments. If you want to use only MIDI, it is not required.
  6. Andrew Milner

    Don't Fear The Reaper Stream #2

    Hey synners. I am inviting you this Sunday, 7 PM CET to the next installment in the Reaper stream series, where we will discuss MIDI and how to create some drum tracks using MIDI in Reaper. See you there.
  7. Andrew Milner

    Happy Birthday Papa Gates!! 🎂

    Happy 45th @Brian Haner Sr. ! :D . To this day, I still tell people you once told me you learned a new chord form from one of the lessons I wrote here :LOL:. Here's hoping your day treats you well.
  8. Andrew Milner

    Remy’s Workshop Ep. 3 - Fuzz Pedal Build

    It's at 2 AM where I am from :LOL:. But I think I'll have to make time to watch the replay because I am curious about this stuff.
  9. Andrew Milner

    Fav Syn solo?

    Probably Afterlife. Crimson Day is also good and Strength of the World is an underrated one.
  10. Andrew Milner

    Thank you all for joining the stream!

    Thanks for joining the stream everyone! I had a blast and it was nice to finally be able to talk about music and have people engaged and understanding what I am living and breathing talking about :LOL:. Have a good weekend! :D
  11. Andrew Milner

    See you all on SynTV in approx. 35 minutes :D

    See you all on SynTV in approx. 35 minutes :D
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    How to shred?

    Well, shredding can be done using a number of techniques and a number of scales. Based on the info from the site, I'd suggest getting accustomed to the following: - 7 positions of the major scale - pentatonic scales - sweep picking When you have a good grasp of these, you can jump into Syn's...
  13. Andrew Milner

    restring guitar

    Yep, it's normal. I remember one time being so annoyed by this that I just proceeded to do bends on each string and retune each string until the de-tuning was reduced to the standard "just re-tune every now and then if you feel like it" stage :LOL:.
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    Synner Presents - Andrei Moraru: Introduction to Reaper!

    Hey, I know this one! Oh, wait... :LOL: . See you all on Saturday!
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    Does the perfect album exist ?

    The perfect albums do exist for me and they're called: - The Sufferer and the Witness by Rise Against - Avenged Sevenfold by Avenged Sevenfold - The Miracle or Innuendo by Queen ... those two are just so hauntingly beautiful in their own ways, especially Innuendo - All That You Can't Leave...