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    I need help understanding the part legato part in the afterlife solo. It is the short part right after the string skipping at the intro. It just like doesnt compute for my fingers, idrk. If anyone can help me out with this it would be much appreciated
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    M I S T A K E S

    Gripping the neck like a baseball bat and i tried copying other peoples picking style
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    House of Syn clothing? Where Did It Go?

    Dude i think that hes going to do some lessons for songs like paradigm and buried alive
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    Synyster Gates School Merch?

    Maybe like some joggers or something
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    Any Djent/Prog metal fans here?

    I love especially Mark Holcomb’ s style. If you’ve ever cared to differentiate between the members styles, misha has more of the djentier polyrhytmic stuff while Mark writes in broad embellished chords, like the main riff of scarlet. I’m just astounded that people can write such original ideas...
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    Any Djent/Prog metal fans here?

    I recently have been really into bands like periphery, animals as leaders, wage war, etc. I was just wondering if there was anyone on here who liked that kinda thing. I would love to pick your brain about songwriting for that genre since it seems a little more intensive than say thrash
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    Good low-intermidiate guitar solos

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the advice. I’ve been working on the solo in another day by dream theater which isn’t too bad except for the stupid run in the middle
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    Good low-intermidiate guitar solos

    I’ve been working on httk for a bit now. The part that leads into the sweeps (the economy picking part) messes me up every time. It’s so stupid fast
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    Good low-intermidiate guitar solos

    so I’ve been looking for a guitar solo that could help with the techniques I’ve been working on here (sweeping, legato, economy/alternate picking) but have been getting frustrated. I feel like no matter how long I spend on a lick I always stay stuck in the same place. I’m looking for something...
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    First song

    I started on bass so counting that either forty six and two or seven nation army. On guitar it was probably the main parts of afterlife or killing in the name
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    Top 5 favourite guitarists

    John petrucci Tosin Abasi Syn Mark Holcomb Jason Richardson
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    Songs to learn

    Some really cool ones if you want to get into some proggy stuff is -dream theater: As I Am, Another day, Metropolis pt.1, In The Name Of God(monster solo) -Periphery:Marigold, The way the news goes, Scarlet, Graveless(impossible)
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    Most Badass Song you have listened to and why?

    Make total destroy by periphery. The build into the last statement “as we reduce them all to bones” is just supreme
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    Favourite Avenged Sevenfold song?

    Crossroads is cool, and I love the solo in dancing dead, but M.I.A is just such a cool song
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    Lets Share our Dream geetars

    I want an Ernie ball music man jp15-7 string. Those things are awesome. I also want one of the limited run Mark Holcomb prs guitars