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Ed Seith

I started playing in upstate New York in around 1984. I'd heard AOR (Album Oriented Rock) radio staples like Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing and the cavernous reverb on REO Speedwagen's "Keep on Loving You" and just knew I had to figure that shit out. After three lessons with a local jazz guy teaching Mary Had a Little Lamb, I quit the lessons, snagged an Iron Maiden songbook on the way out the door, and the rest was - for the moment - history. I practiced 8 hours a day, but it would be more accurate to say I *played* 8 hours a day, because aside from learning songs by ear and from awful tab books (like that first Iron Maiden book) I didn't really do much else. By the late 80s, I was playing in bands - my first gig was a Battle of the Bands at my college in the fall of 88. We took second, unable to top a more seasoned band of seniors and their near-flawless rendition of Rush's YYZ.

I played in local bands in the New York Metro area, achieving some local glory, before moving out to Arizona in 97 for personal reasons. Then I sort of slowly got around to not playing anymore. A few days off turned to a few weeks, turned to a month and a half, each time I revisited, I played worse and worse, until I realized that didn't want to be someone who used to play guitar.

I recommitted myself to playing almost every day and, as luck would having, spending a goddamn fortune on guitars and gear. But I still have the 1990 RG550 and 1991 540R that I played all those gigs with.

In 2018, I joined my first band since New York, and played my first gigs in roughly 21 years before the band fell apart like bands do. After Covid, I will join another as I continue on my journey with the school, growing my theory knowledge from basically nothing, and adding skills I skipped as too hard "back in the day." Some of them. I still don't really like tapping.

"You have pants on. I owe my wife ten bucks" - Synyster Gates, Dec 2021

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Jul 30, 1970 (Age: 53)
Marana, AZ USA