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    Sweep Picking 2 – Lesson 80

    https://syngates.com/media/jam-get-carried-away-1-mp4.2619/ Here's me tryin to put some mustard on it
  2. GhostShadowMG

    Sweep Picking 2 – Lesson 80

    https://syngates.com/media/sweepity-sweep-sweep-mp4.2618/ Me tryin lol
  3. GhostShadowMG

    Alternate Picking Exercises 4 – Lesson 76

    https://syngates.com/media/i-like-it-1-mp4.2617/ Me tryin it lol
  4. GhostShadowMG

    Alternate Picking Exercises 3 – Lesson 75

    https://syngates.com/media/zero-social-life-lol-mp4.2616/ Here's me tryin it
  5. GhostShadowMG

    Alternate Picking Exercises 2 – Lesson 74

    https://syngates.com/media/sure-ill-play-some-guitare-today-1-mp4.2615/ Here is an example of me riffing around some ideas from this lesson
  6. GhostShadowMG

    Hello, friends!!

    O i got some in my profile. But i do not know how to post my albums in the original songs and covers or whatever. Feel free to give me a click to receive some instant irritation lol
  7. GhostShadowMG

    Salut! The Raven here.

  8. GhostShadowMG

    Hey everyone

    Welcome to the thingymajigger yo
  9. GhostShadowMG

    Hi! from Quebec, Canada

    Welcome to the thingy, broskie!
  10. ShadowGhostMG.mp3


    Me attempting to rap and play guitar lol
  11. March To War.mp3

    March To War.mp3

    I'm the guy that makes people shit their pants in the mosh pit!
  12. GhostShadowMG

    Good Yard Everybody!

    I've been enjoying this site for over a month now, and finally I have decided to make a posts for a change!!! I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I love each and every one of you! Stay beautiful metal people! Rock on! Regards from the land of Canada, and anyone who finds...
  13. GhostShadowMG

    Hey guys

    Welcome to the thing! :)
  14. GhostShadowMG

    Hello, friends!!

    Sounds a lot like me man. When the student is ready, the teacher arrives. Welcome to the thing my friend! :)