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    Inexspensive guitars options

    Can always build your own aswell, there are some cheap kits out there, but you most likely need to replace the pickups/entire fret board. You can find cheap pre-wired pickguards. If you decide to go with a fender style (Jaguar, tele, stratocaster ect) you can go with pre-wired...
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    Site Redesign: Volunteers for Beta Testing! (ALL POSITIONS ARE FILLED)

    would love to participate if its not too late :)
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    Better Dynamics

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody knows any exercises that can help with better dynamics, I usually practice with my electric guitar without an amp and what I've come to realize when I use my acoustic is that it has been teaching me to play without much dynamic range. :)
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    Vote for the Best Amp Name Now!

    Yeah i thought of HellFire too but Im fairly sure its already the name of a Schecter guitar :)
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    New song for new Call of Duty?

    With a new Call of Duty Black Ops game coming out tomorrow does anybody know anything about a song coming out for it? For every previous black ops game in the past, there has been a song released along with it. -Carry on -Not ready to die -Jade Helm -Mad Hatter Although I feel like it should...
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    Fixed Native iOS and Android app

    I would love to see that with a tuner included!
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    Building guitar

    Ok, yeah thank you ill probably stick to a solid bridge
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    Building guitar

    Does anybody have any experience installing a Floyd into a fender body? I'm currently building a guitar and was just curious if it is hard to install or not :)