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Kat the metalhead
oh my!! That really sucks!!
Jamie London
Yeah major major bummer. It’s also the fact that Fed Ex just doesn’t seem very willing to help. They’re being very “matter of fact” about it. Like “if we can do anything we’ll try and if not that’s that”. So that’s not making things much better 😅
Alicia Willis
Dude thats bs. I hope they get it sorted out. Maybe whomever they delivered it to is a decent human being and will return it. 🤞
Jamie London
Yeah luckily I live on a court and we know everybody (only one house on the street has the “less friendly neighbors”, but I’ve already asked them because the truck stopped near their house and they don’t have it). So as long as it was delivered to someone on our court, it should hopefully show up 😄 If not thennnn I’m kinda screwed 😅