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Kat the metalhead
That would be so cool! Mainly because I love tattoos and art in general, I also want to be a tattoo artist so bad 😂
Manvir B
That's neat, I really want a sleeve or two when I'm older,l because they're just cool even though they are soooo expensive, something. similar to Syn/Jason Richardson / jacky vincent. Its crazy what people can draw on skin. Go ahead and become a tattoo artist so you can do mine🤘
Ids Schiere
I remember watching this a long time ago
Dominik Gräber
@Kat the metalhead you too? I really thought about learning how to tattoo at some point. I also might want a sleeve someday. Thinking alog the lines of a japanese dragon or something winding all around my arm
Ids Schiere
I personally like John Mayer's tattoos a lot. That some form of Japanese art I believe. Lionel Messi has a Sagrada familia inspired sleeve. Pretty cool