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Andrei Moraru
It sounds like a classical guitarist tale, so I assume it does. Could be worse...your string could break in the middle of a bend, as has happened to a friend's guitarist in the middle of their concert. They were chill about it but yeah.
True... it just makes me stressed because and dont really want to solder it myself, Im affraid to ruin the sustainiac board. And guitar stores are closed at the moment so Im stuck to the bridge pick up. At least is still playable!
And...high E string is gone xD I just should put the guitar down for today in case something else happens o_Oo_O:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Damn, I feel really sad for you. Some days ago I bumped my guitar too and a small piece of finish went away.
It sucks man, I feel so bad everytime I bump my guitar, Im too clumsy I try to be careful all the time but its the way Im am xD
Manvir B
Same here man. At this point i just tell myself that a guitar that doesn't have imperfections is a guitar that hasn't been loved. That being said I still try not to even tap my guitar somewhere
Im the same, I try to keep her perfect but I know that if I use it a lot is going to have marks and stuff like that. But at least Im playing and enjoying the guitar and is not on the wall just collecting dust!