Been working on this over the last couple of days, still needs a little polish but it is getting there. Nearly time to put on my big boy pants and have a go at the second solo.
A two tone Robot? I was testing my new strings and practiced this for a few minutes. At first I was using only one finger than I tried to do each Did it sound like a robot kind of? It's what I was going for and probably after 20 secs it started to sound okay is this something good?

Floods outro solo Day 1 attempt

Solo challenge to myself I figured I would try something outside of my personal ability as I still consider myself a beginner. Will work on this for 30 days and see what progress I make this is roughly 35% speed. Feel free to leave any criticism. Always loved this solo.
Me playing the ending of The Offering by Sleep Token

Polyphia - Euphoria

I'm working on learning Euphoria by Polyphia so here's a little bit for the people of the Syn Gates community to watch. Sorry it's a little rough!
Bat Country Guitar Solo

Bat Country Guitar Solo


Bee Gees - I started a joke

I was cooking and heard this. I'm going to try again tomorrow and learn the chords better, I started to record after trying it once at 60%. I much enjoy this song my shoulder hurts I should where a sling for a long time but I like playing guitar gonna try to match the recording some too, i just heard it's different

In The Light

  • Iris Iris
Almost got it. This riff is from a song that saved my life and it's only fitting that it be played on Jimmy's Dragon Telecaster. Just gotta smooth out the picking and get Jimmy's groove down.

Trashed and Scattered

Just started learning this today, and while it’s definitely not perfect I’m really happy with how quickly I’ve been able to pick it up. The last few months I’ve really been focusing on picking exercises rather than learning many songs, and I can start seeing it pay off.
Hail to the king solo cover
Sorry for mistakes and elbow shots. I really needs Floyd rose. Syns guitar is my dream guitar!!

IMG 0207

The first part I saw Joe Satriani do in an interview while warming up talking about when Steve Vai and him trained together. It was some time ago. I don't know a lot of their music. It may have been in one of the Guitar World Magazine Dvd's I had. I think it's good to practice because you switch between diagonal angles. I saw the shape in one of the recent lessons I did and remembered it. There's some pattern where it sounds okay connecting them but I forgot. To make the shape E:5 A:6 D:7 G:8 move that shape to different strings, up and down the neck and invert it too, to mix it up more. The invert would be E:8 A:7 D:6 G:5 Got lost after that, was going to try and show this hammer on thing to make the fingers more stronk Energy has been low, didn't want to talk now
Okay time for the 1 month update! I've been working on this quite a bit and have definitely been able to add some speed, though I still have a way to go (this is at 125bpm vs. 110 a month ago). Old video is here: https://synner.com/media/starting-one-month-guitar-challenge-i-am-a-viking.4998/
Final day of this challenge! I want to challenge myself on this one, so I tried to incorperate some tapping in there. I know I am very weak in that area, so I wanted to try and take this chance to practice that. All in all this challenge was fun to do! It allowed me to make stuff of my own, something I had been afraid of doing, so I enjoyed this challenge!
Avenged Sevenfold Drop c# solo medley
These are all of the drop c# songs I know for avengedsevenfold. I just learned scream 10 mins ago and others I haven’t played in a while sorry. Feedback is appreciated.
Day 5 of this challenge. Can't believe I'm almost finished with it. I didn't really have a set plan with this one, I just kinda winged it and tried to have fun with, but I managed to compelte this day regardless!
Taking another crack at Zeppelin. Fuckin' Jimmy Page. Lol.
Day 4 of this challenge! Probably my least favorite string, the accursed G-string. That said I tried to use my pinky more in this riff, trying to subconsciously incorperate my pinky into more works and train it up a bit. Had fun with this one actually!
One of, if not my absolute favorite song by Alesana. I’ve always loved this band and was fortunate enough to work for front man Shawn Milke’s record label for a number of years, as well as helping Alesana run their social media pages. They’ve never compromised their art for anyone and I’ll always admire that about them. Usually I try to post the best takes when adding something to the riff section but not today. Here’s my raw slightly messy cover of their stellar song “Lullaby of the Crucified” from my favorite album of theirs, “A Place Where the Sun Is Silent”. Enjoy friends “Sing a touching lullaby, and we’ll watch the angels cry”
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