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A quick cover I did of the new Linkin Park song that came out
Hey guys, here's my progress update of Eugene Trick Bag. Last week I post 65% speed, and today I reach 83% speed but still awful. Lol. Thanks to @RoaringRowanThunderBender for making me feel great practicing.💪

3's & 7's solo

My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dravenage/
The main riff for Nobody on a Synyster Gates custom S
Nobody Chorus

Nobody Chorus

This tapping part is wild! I tried my best on it :) let me know how it sounds!
So here’s my video for @[15432:@RoaringRowanThunderBender] one week challenge :) No amp still :( it’s still at the shop getting fixed but once I get it back I’ll redo this song with the amp :) I am super proud of this so far since songs where you pick single strings are really out of my comfort zone and I wanted a bit of a challenge. The one downside to all of this is I keep wanting to look at the camera to see if I look ok or that I’m not making silly faces and it messes up my playing lol gotta get over that haha
The Artist - Alesana

The Artist - Alesana

First play through. Timing is a bit off a couple of times but that’s an easy fix! “The emptiness will haunt you” 👻
A gaming track many may never have even heard before! Cover of Gretchen Fetchem's Shop Theme from the DS game Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise. Tab will be linked later as I plan to upload to a Google Doc for all to enjoy. Worked out by ear, not perfect in execution but it will do for the time being. All comments and advice welcome <3 Enjoy!
My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dravenage/
Bohemian Rhapsody Rock Section
Hello there folks! Here I am again, sharing you a bit of my work recording bohemian rhapsody til almost the end. Reels don't allow me to post more than 1'30". Hope you like it, if you do give it a ❤️ & if you could share and want to... I'll really apreciate it. Have a nice weekend. Greetings from Argentina
Nobody (chorus part) - Avenged Sevenfold
Joining the party. Still very sloppy and messy. I'm practicing the solo part, but I think it will take forever to finish.😆
What's up everyone I'm back at it with my very first @paramore cover! I decided to unleash (moreso than usual) inner emo and take it back to 2008 with Decode...
Hey guys! Check out my Chapter Four cover!
Still messy and very slow. The second part of this song is similar with 1st seconds of syn's solo nobody. But then I don't know. LOL.
Felt like working on this today due to all of the news!!!!
Nobody by Avenged Sevenfold guitar cover
"After 7 Years of an eternal wait @[86416:@avengedsevenfold] is back with a banger of song called Nobody . Here’s a short snippet of it .Hope you guys like it
Jamming on my favorite guitar shop, finally I play on Syn custom, although it's not mine. It's way bigger than I thought. But I feel more handsome on it. LOL.
Bohemian Rhapsody Solo Cover
Tried to get Brian's tone through my digital pedalboard Boss GT1m If you like it, leave it a ❤️ & share to all Queen's fans you know Follow me in insta: @fe.aguirre
This is not a cover, but anyone who likes Van Halen will love this edit.
It took 4 months to finally get a hang of this beautiful solo! So much respect for A7X, Synner lessons and this community <3
All rights of this song belong to Avenged SevenfoldGEAR: Schecter Omen Extreme 6Fender Champion 100
Frank Sinatra once said this was one of the best love songs ever written and I couldn't agree more.