Took a rest the other day physically and mentally forgot if I practiced a bit or not. This is some of my practice from tonight. My hands were already tired each time before recording next time I'll keep it rolling and edit it more. It's getting easier with the editing but the listening back is a bit tedious and time consuming sometimes. I continued with the modes lessons and on Phrygian. Not sure when I'll continue yet. Thanks for listening! :D Some songs/parts are Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold Skin and Bones - Foo Fighters Extreme - More Than Words May have missed some cause I haven't listed to it back yet
Playing on old strings. Probably not as good as my first take about a year ago but wanted to revisit this.

time guitar solo

I learned the time solo
#michaelsembellomaniac #guitarcover #lucasaccomando
Very difficult to do Might it be the greatest sound quality think I had the amp up a bit to loud if there is such a thing 🤣😂👍

Django's Waltz

I learned Joscho's Stephan's solo over Django's Waltz. I kinda have a raging Hangover but I tried anyways 😅

spanish romance

haven't played for a some days first found this under the named "Romanza" by accident a few years after I started playing guitar came back to it a couple weeks ago from what i know now i think this song can be used when trying out for a music school the song structure is ABA, played it for like 5 minutes and this was the first couple minutes
Hi everyone ! This my cover of Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold. I made the backing track myself and added a personal extended solo.
I composed solo over a backing track for contest.
Did you watch Squid Game? What an amazing show!
Beast and The Harlot solo
My Cover of beast and the harlot by the legend Synyster Gates


I'm gonna play Rosanna at a jam session somewhere in the future so figured I'd learn it
Still needs some work on the changes and tempo, as well as accenting but it’s getting there. I swear I have different clothes just seems that I’m always wear...


you guys already heard the piano part before.. heres what I added to it. I'm just gonna say here now that this song is NOT based off any personal experience.


I learned hoe to play higher. Towards the end of the solo I Lost track a little bit so that's not exactly the same but sounds good to mem


no songs have titles yet, but I've essentially finished my editing. Let me know what you think.. I'm gonna let a couple out before doing a couple final listens to find areas I need improvements on before full release. There is a total 10 new songs and 53 minutes of material to listen to. All of which are different varieties of music that you could find all in one set. I'm content.

Ohne Dich Cover

So after taking another break due to mental health and family issues, I am back! And I figured I would come back with a song I have been listening too quite a bit recently, Ohne Dich, by Rammstein. I also wanted to challenge myself on the clean sections so I finger picked the clean sections, which was challenging as I suck at finger picking. Now I still cannot edit videos to save my life, so the video might be a bit choppy, and the audio might not be quite so good, but hey I tried. All in all this was extremely fun to do and was a ncie way to ease back into recording videos :)
Can’t use my hands and feet at the same time apparently but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made over the year.