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Been working on my economy picking last couple of days. Advice always appreciated.
Not sure on this one I think it's a 6.99 out of 10 I played it too robotic or out of time I think. Everyone on the comment section is saying a look like m.shadows are they right?
A guitar solo from one of my favorite bands!
Ignore my fingers. the last riff i uploaded was on accident. that was not my video, i had the wrong link.
Its simple but i still like it. Please ignore my F*cked up fingers.
Beginning of heretic https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HuHf86-mJvs
So I'm working on the Sweep Pick Lesson (2), from this site. It ain't pretty yet. Got to start somewhere. LOL! My plan is to practice it every day for 30 days and post back in a month with the progress in a new update. Wish me luck, and thanks to everyone who check this out. Bye!
Been trying the first level in Syn's Etudes. I really like how you can use a countdown, very useful 🙂
Extremely new to guitar, definitely need some beginner tips to becoming a better player, have never taken lessons, only learned by watching others play,
My attempt to cover the solo of "Nothing else matters" on guitar.
I always loved the way Frusciante played the chords in the verses of this song so i wanted to share it with you guys. Basic song that i would recommend to anyone to learn! Not gonna lie i was struggling with that intro for a while and its still not perfect so if you have any tips for it let me know!
i learned this by ear, 7 months after i started playing guitar, i uploaded it later just in case i lose it
I can only do the easiest part of the bat country solo however its the tastiest! Maybe I should Have used more vibrato and had rhythm guitar over it. Most of the complaints on my youtube channel were that i didn't finish it XD hahaha. This part of the solo mad me fall in love with avenged sevenfold
Sillycons - Morning Light
Mr Big To Be With You Acoustic Guitar Cover from the album Lean Into It. Enjoy! Never perfect I am only Alien. Played on an Ovation Collector's 2009 Koa # 67 of 150 through a Fender Super Reverb all recorded with a Zoom Q4. Like Always...Hate Welcomed!
And another Nemesis cover
Guitar solo cover of a Bangladeshi rock number 'Ghuri' by the band Nemesis!
I covered one of my favorite Metallica songs. What do you all think? I do think I could've done better on the solo but you all can be the judge of that!
Song from my hard rock/metal band MILE 134.
This is a demo of an original song that I wrote.
Hail to the King Lead Guitar Backing track with vocals, with the official master tracks the lead guitar has been totally erased. I hope this helps guitarists out there!