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Hail to the king Solo🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
I hope you like it guys, I'm using my front camera of my new phone to record!

Hooch - Sum41

Recently I’ve gotten this solo stuck in my head so it has to be learned!
An old video of mine, it was last year I did this cover. Truly an amazing solo by Syn!
Hi friends, this is my full guitar cover of The Hell Song. I took the track only with drums, bass and vocals and record all guitar part to it. Hope you enjoy!
I made another fanmade song, this one is in Lamb Of God's style. Enjoy guys!
Both the 1st and 2nd solo. So beautiful.

Critical Acclaim Solo Cover

Hey guys! Here's a cover of the Critical Acclaim guitar solo! Hope you'll like it!
Hi everyone I'm back with my first Ghost cover! It's October so I of course had to pick a spooky song, and boy was this one fun! Hope you enjoy and let me kn...
I did all the solos (Intro, Interlude, 1st Solo, 2nd Solo).
Still hanging around A minor pentatonics and last sunday I was practicing it with my grandpa. He is 72 years old. My grandpa gave me my first 3/4 acoustic guitar 2 years ago. I messed up a lot in this video. But I am much better now, I will post my latest progress soon.

Tension (Guitar Solo)

A beautiful solo
clean chords are so obvious when you mess them up :(

Afterlife chorus

I was going to practice the intro solo from the other day again and figured this out as I was turning my amp on. I feel awkward talking to the camera. Also tried playing the C chord as e3-a3-d2 but sounded off. Another thing I did before was slide the C to the D on the A string and did the change here. It's still the same C but with the muted D string. The 4th chord I think it's Bb5 and the other chord change thing I mentioned, I started thinking of another song but it's from another part of the song. So I think the chords are F5,C5,D5,Bb5 They are called 5 chords/triads? Another name is Perfect 5ths cause 1 of the notes doubles up?

Another Day (Guitar Solo)

Beautiful solo by John Petrucci
The speed goes up by 3% each loop up to 80% for 10 minutes. Was happy how it went but shouldn't have put the phone next to my speaker. It was easier getting into cause I tried learning it awhile back from a magazine tab. During my practice the way I was holding the pick was changing for the better. I've been practicing mostly Scales and CAGED related stuff. Like trying to make sense of things and application. Sorry for the bad audio, felt like I needed to post a video cause it's been a week or 2. Is there something with my fret hand wrist movement or index finger that could be done different? I think that's where I could improve some more at the moment. Haven't tried it standing yet.

Bat Country (Guitar Solo)

Another A7x guitar cover, this one I added some strings sections for the backing track, to give it different feels with close to original guitar lead parts.
Been doing a lot of A7x cover lately, this song is soo underrated.
This cover is done by Anson Isaacs. The original version was written and recorded by Petra. Song lyrics are based on Romans 7:15
Best recent prog rock guitar solo in my opinion, so cool and beautiful at the same time.