Betrayed intro

Hey I made a cover of the Betrayed Intro!
Ego Death - Polyphia (Steve Vai Solo part)
More than 2 weeks learning this solo part. My first song where I have to navigate trem bar whole part and using my sustainiac. Overall I love my sustainiac though it need a lot of work to play it right.🤩
Buried Alive is a solid solo that's short, sweet, and bluesy. I like how Syn & Zacky duo lead together not just on this song but on the whole album.
Polyphia is an incredible band and I'm excited to see what they have in stock for us in the future. Don't mind my bad tone as I'm completely new to Tim's kind of playing. Was rushing to get something out before my birthday.
Was practicing the top parts of G and C chord double stops with something else acoustic and also another on the 10th fret in E standard. Sometime I did the pedal on the A or low D. It could also work with middle string D, this one is dropped D tuning. There's some other parts but I started losing track of what I was suppose to do and didn't edit it. Wasn't sure how to do the hammer on pull off part with the double stops, got stuck.
The Stage Intro is hard
nearly got the end :/ Practicing The Stage Intro
Hey guys, yesterday I saw Tim Henson's POV of Playing God video. So I tried to make my version this morning. Here it is, some missing notes but I'm quite happy with the result. It only took 4x takes til I finally got this video. Lol..
Hey! Here's a guitar solo I've covered, check it out!
Just another cover , soon ill upload how to play it :)) if you like the idea lmk
New guitar day and layering practice!
Got a new charvel pro mod and have been learning to layer bass and guitar, just using video audio so nothing too fancy
Hi guys.. This is my entry for a guitar challenge held by Peavey, HHM Guitar Challenge 2023. I won't be the winner for sure, but I'm happy to join it. I chopped some licks from Syn, Scorpion, other band (I forgot), and also a classical piece Eine Kleine. Can you recognize them?😂
Hello guys and girls, I've been singing more lately, some of you know I'm Portuguese, here I'm singing a song by a portuguese artist called Rui Veloso. This song is tells the story of being in love for the 1st time when you're a kid, and talks about those promisses that you make as a show of love, tho some promisses can sometimes be really naive and lead to the first heartbreaks ahaha. Hope you enjoy, I often like to say Rui Veloso is the portuguese Eric Clapton! Any tips to improve singing tho? Also, any PT here?

Seize The Day Solo

Hey check my cover of the Seize The Day Solo!

Trivium - Sever the Hand

Cool song from Trivium

Cool A7X Guitar Harmonies

Hey Here's the harmonies section in Desecrate Through Reverence. Enjoy!!
Finally! Took 4 monts and few centuries to finished it. 😂 You can see how I started to learn at the end of this video.
Just my evening picking at the guitar. messing with a few songs and this was a little snap I took. I havent listened to the full album yet, but this riff got stuck in my head the other day
What's up everyone I'm back with another Green Day classic! 'Know Your Enemy' was the second Green Day song I ever heard, and it's super fun to play, especia...
I use lots of gain and reverb and delay to hide my terrible skills. Probably ruined the song but I had fun :)
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Here's koki, one of my favs, by Plini