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An Instrumental rock guitar song.
This is a cover of Slash's guitar solo from "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses.
Insanely nice feeling for a B stock Jackson. ☺️🫶🏼🤘🇸🇬🤘🐰
As all Musician we just have to have one of EVH. Thou this is a replica from Indonesia made but theSustainer can go till tomorrow with the overtone switch as well. Amazing. ☺️🫶🏼🙌🤘🇸🇬🤘🐰
A guitar cover of the song "Stand" by Petra.
The Dead Can´t Testify Guitar and Bass cover Schecter C-6 FR Pro Squier bass
14y.o and 2 years and been playing for 2 years. Appreciate any feedback
this song is awesome and I was really nervous while recording as it's my first cover@avengedsevenfold
Hey! Here's a best of riffs video I made for the "Waking The Fallen" album, enjoy!
This is a guitar cover of the intro part from "Everybody Wants Some!!" by VanHalen.
Schecter Synyster Custom-S - FAS ax8 Bogner Uberschall model - ML Sound Lab uberkab & Mesa Traditional IRs blended - recorded with a guitarless backing track
Clapton's Layla Riff with overdrive, fuzz, and distortion. Choose your favourite!
I started making this video as a joke, as it happened to me that a singer asked me to "use more distortion" while we were recording a soul track. So there it is: I made Layla's riff using different dirty tones. I used my PRS ce24 as always, and the boss gt1000 core for most tones, altough the fuzz tone is made with "formula b fuzzrangers" pedal, and the overdrive is made with "cornerstone gladio sc". Enjoy!
it is just a commercial for the Synner led lamp
This is the main section of the "Top Gun Anthem". Why does the video look so amazing? Because I was inverted.... (Cough) B___ S___#topgun #topgunmaveric...
This version (cover) combines the "Top Gun Anthem" by Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens, with "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins. "It's not the plane, it's the pilot"...
Instagram: @dravenage
Here's my attempt. Gimme some feedback! :]
Hi everyone! I am not active on playing guitar lately but this is my entry for the bogren digital contest. Also you can find me on Fiverr on the link below. https://www.fiverr.com/s/klEgZA
This is the song from the beginning of the Punisher series on Netflix.