More homeworks stuff this time the homework was the C major scale
A cover rendition for Desecrate Through Reverence from Waking the Fallen#!
Hi, lovelies! Special thank you to Jak for having me on her live show and letting me be a dork, lol! Thank you to thieves who tuned in and were very kind and encouraging because I was very nervous. Please note: When I say “Go back to *whatever note*” that interval is an octave, which means it’s exac
Lately i got into Gojira, this is the first song i heard from them. I play it without whammy pedal. I hope it's accurate, enjoy!
My thing for the second homework thingie
Check out my Youtube channel for my Guitar Solo Cover videos:
I havent posted in FOREVER bc I have been trying to correct all my bad habits while playing but I thought Id share this so that I dont totally disappear! Hope you like it! 🙂
How to play fast! A different approach to what the majority of guitarists will say. Very interesting approach by Martin Miller. Check it out!
I hope u like it??!! Keep on rockin
I needed a small study break(economics people apparently aren't very good at math and it started pissing me off a little bit) so I did this small improv.
How to do Divebombs! Got a few requests for this one so enjoy!
Another collaboration with my friend @kristian_gates from Mexico. Second Heartbeat


My first steps with improvisation and also lessons 20 and 21 🙂
Squeezing some notes in before heading to work. Haven’t been playing much, lately.
I usually disappear on this site from time to time. It’s not because I don’t want to talk to anyone or be apart of the discussions. Usually, I’m just working really hard on learning new things. This time I decided to post a progress video using a Chapter Four. After posting it on Instagram, Jak insi
any advice or comment is more than welcome
I need to explore more styles...
Breaking out of the pentatonic box!
My scream solo cover guys, hope you enjoy it 🙂
How to Write Chord Progressions - One of the most requested videos I got after releasing my song, Astral Realm. Hope this helps!