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  1. Never Enough

    Never Enough

    Check my latest song, did everything on here :)
  2. Tyler Hobright

    Comment by 'Tyler Hobright' in media 'Let it Lie EP'

    This is everything recorded in one take all at the same time- real rough method in the eyes of the super producers, but me and the guys really enjoy the sound and energy. Everything was recorded thru only 2 mics all in one go so thats why the bass kinda got drowned out in this one, also there...
  3. Spirit Massage 1

    Spirit Massage 1

    Recorded at 1312 ACAB Lounge The Banter 0:00-1:50Neyxt 1:50-3:34Banter 3:34-4:07To Breakthrough 4:07-9:06More Foolishness 9:06-9:25Stormin 9:25-13:07Banter 1...
  4. Let it Lie EP

    Let it Lie EP

    00:00-00:54 IYFIYD00:54-3:33 My Conclusions3:33-4:35 Too Much4:35-6:55 Yeah, No6:55- 9:02 AcetoneSIDE B quote unquote9:02-12:10 Silence(No Sleep)12:10-13:39 ...
  5. Slip


    12 Oz killin it on geet
  6. Buried In My Head

    Buried In My Head

  7. Bongwater Cretins From Hell

    Bongwater Cretins From Hell

  8. And One

    And One

    Soooo its partly a cover but I added 2 verses and completely changed the bridge so its 50 50... Hope you like it :)
  9. Tyler Hobright

    Comment by 'Tyler Hobright' in media 'Anything Anything'

    I recorded everything individually in one take, starting with the drums. Glad you're digging it :) But for playing and singing at the same time this is a great and really easy song to practice your coordination for that. Id say just play to everything you can and sing as much as you can!!!
  10. Cuts


  11. Anything Anything

    Anything Anything

  12. Hey Love

    Hey Love

    Check this song out, I reworked it and added vocals :)
  13. Tyler Hobright

    Comment by 'Tyler Hobright' in media 'My Last Serenade (Killswitch Engage cover)'

    Dude what a song to cover. Couldnt help headbanging!
  14. Jelly - Adieu

    Jelly - Adieu

    Just a jam with some cool parts and changes. Enjoy!
  15. Adieu - Error

    Adieu - Error

    Check out the final song of off the Directile Dysfunction EP!
  16. Adieu - Car Bomb

    Adieu - Car Bomb

    Another song from the "Directile Dysfunction" EP
  17. Adieu - Allahu Akbar

    Adieu - Allahu Akbar

    Check the second EP "Directile Dysfunction"
  18. Quit It- Adieu

    Quit It- Adieu

    Check this out! Im on drums on this EP. Missing playing shows, help us out during these times and listen and share!
  19. Bombs Away- Adieu

    Bombs Away- Adieu

    Listen to Bombs Away from my MetamprohaLies EP