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  1. Dan Shipway

    ALPOH orchestra info

    Hey dudes, I have been planning a huge project. My friend and I are taking on the challenge of recording a cover of ALPOH, but here's the catch, all orchestral sections are being recorded live, no plugins or virtual instruments. THE REAL DEAL. I was wondering if anyone had information they...
  2. Dan Shipway

    difficulty changing picking techniques

    Hi, I have been finding recently that I have had issues with picking hand when doing fast picking (mainly rhythm playing and more specifically triplets) but it is very prominent when switching between techniques such as downstrokes to alternate picking or between large strums and tighter chugs...
  3. Dan Shipway

    Recording, Tech and mixing tips

    Hey guys, its been a while! Over the past 7 months I have been working my absolute ass off at university which gave me not free time but it has given me the chance to gain a good understanding of a lot of mixing, music gear and live sound (venue design etc). I thought it would be nice to give...
  4. Dan Shipway

    Uni Experience and Q&A

    Okay guys, I wanted to make this thread as a chance to share my experiences on an undergraduate level sound engineering course and as a chance for you to ask any questions you may have regarding tech, production, digital audio etc. What does a pad switch do? Why is a ribbon mic good for a...
  5. Dan Shipway

    Double tracking and timing issues

    I have been doing a lot of recording and one of the looming issues is my inability to record the same thing twice, I really struggle to try to get tracks in time as I play more based on feel and its a big pain. Any tips for improving as it feels like even the easiest riffs are out of my reach to...
  6. Dan Shipway

    My Theory Journey

    Hey guys, just thought I would start a thread with some updates about my music theory progress. After all my backups and original projects being wiped I had to record a ton of new riffs and writing them as well as coming up with leads was ridiculously difficult. I never really looked at theory...
  7. Dan Shipway

    Picking issues

    Hey dudes, ya miss me! It's been a while. Over the course of the past few months I have been practising a lot of technique, my sweeping and legato has become more fluid but one thing that seems to not improve is my alternate and economy picking, the main stumbling block is that everything feels...
  8. Dan Shipway

    Pick resistance and smooth movements

    Greetings and salutations! One of my favourite main focuses over the past year or so has been on picking (alternate, economy, etc) but one thing I have noticed is that my pick tends to almost get caught on the strings if you will. Sounds weird I know but essentially what I mean is that it seems...
  9. Dan Shipway

    Questions about rhythm and phrases

    Hey, recently I have attempted to start playing more to try and feel rhythm while playing but I haven’t got a clue how, its almost impossible to tap my foot to a drum beat and play at the same time and most of the time finding the beat of a song is quite challenging. I don’t know any other ways...
  10. Dan Shipway

    Big things may be happening soon

    So guys, I never thought I would be able to figure out how to do music as a profession until no. There is a state of the art performing arts school in England with protools, mixing desks, full studios THE WHOLE 8 MILES. I never thought it would be something I could do but I just thought F**k it...
  11. Dan Shipway

    Why does this keep happening?

    Hey guys, I believe I have made a thread like this before but I thought I need to get to the bottom of the problem. I have been playing guitar for months with no problems but on sunday I went out for a few hours and came back and I couldn’t play at all, I could barely hold a pick and couldn’t...
  12. Dan Shipway

    Getting serious with practicing

    Hey guys, I have recently as many of you know, been recording and while playing I have noticed that I have gotten pretty sloppy with standards and I think its mainly down to a lack of serious practice, I mainly jam when I practice and its always the same stuff but after 7 years of playing I look...
  13. Dan Shipway

    How to make seamless transitions between takes

    Hey all, I have been recording parts to my song (actually pretty daunting to try and come up with something so big and now I built up some hype 😂) the tracks seem good but they sound like just that, a bunch of tracks. Just wondering if there is any tips to smooth the transitions between them.
  14. Dan Shipway

    Does anybody want a syn school discord server?

    I was thinking about making a discord server for people as I have been i. The Dooos discord server (youtube guitarist) and he has chats where you can sit and jam with people and it was a really fun experience. I thought we could do that as well as have gear talks, discuss music and other...
  15. Dan Shipway

    The Pharaoh’s Revenge

    You waited patiently, it was teased for days and finally the day has come. The pictures, the messages, what were they leading up to? I am extremely pleased to announce to all of you that work has begun on my very first song, The Pharaoh’s Revenge. It is something I have considered for a while...
  16. Dan Shipway

    Floyd rose worK

    Hey guys, I have been pretty slack on my rammstein covers for one simple reason, the Floyd Rose on my Jackson. It has been a pain for a while and I haven’t dared tune it. I have decide to try and there are a number of problems. The main one is tension balance. I went from using 9-42 to 11-54 and...
  17. Dan Shipway


    View post on His screams echo through the valley. He has risen.
  18. Dan Shipway

    Heavier v lighter hand

    Hey all, I have come back from 2 really long shifts at work and purposely don’t play guitar because its not enough time to get into it before I have to put it down again. I picked it up and noticed my hand is uber loose and it got me thinking, do people prefer this? I like to have a pretty heavy...
  19. Dan Shipway

    I'm finally seeing them

    As I’m sure nearly all the forum knows, I am an absolutly massive fan of a certain German band. They announced a 2019 stadium tour which I was unable to attend as I missed out on the tickets, I then was unable to make the Belfast show, It seemed all hope may be lost until today. Two days ago...
  20. Dan Shipway

    Is burning out beneficial at times

    After working 11 hrs on Auslander ,pushing myself day and night to write material and doing a performance today I feel completely burnt out and the desire to play guitar has gone, I thought this was a bad thing but I have another view on it and hear me out. I play for upwards of 3 hrs a day 7...