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    Give me tips to improve the production of my videos. Remenissions guitar cover.

    Hi My name is Norman. I started posting covers on YouTube, I would be happy if you gave me tips on audio and video(camera angle, lighting, colorgrade..etc) My gear: Focusrite Scarlett Solo - Bias FX2 Huawei P30
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    Introducing my band: SINS

    Hey A7X Family! My name is Norman Michelisz, I am a 20 year-old Music student from Hungary. Let me show you my band where I play the guitar. This is our first original single. Let me know your opinion and I am curios if you can guess the 2 bands this song is inspired by (not a7x haha). Good luck...
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    How to download backing track from Syn's Etudes?

    Hey guys! I'd like to record myself playing some of the etudes that I've been practicing. I can record my guitar into reaper but I want to put the track under my playing. Is there a way to get the tracks downloaded as audio files? Cheers from Hungary. -Norman