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    Comment by 'Calvin Phillips' in media 'Left Hand Guitar Warm Up'

    He flagged it for kids.. its actually the default. You gotta yourself while uploading. Kids option doesnt allow you to minimize the video too. Theres a lot it doesnt allow
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    How to add guitar to a song that has no guitar parts

    Rick beato has gotten good with his top ten videos. He advertises his ear training as a big reason how he figures out progressions so fast. If say look into something like that cause the chords ARE there in the pop songs. And its not the bass line Typically that follows the progression. Its what...
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    Guitar is just nothing but frustration 24/7

    If you go and watch my video again youll see where my resting point has become. Essentially a palm muted position over the bridge pick up. This is for three reasons. One is i palm mute from there most of the time. So i dont have to really move. Two is i pick my pinches in that area as well ...
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    Tips and Exercises to help control fingers?

    I used to only play with three fingers. It takes a good year or two or really push the pinky.
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    Stagefright/Anxiety/Imposter Syndrome

    The way you played your mishaps off is the best way to. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has slips. Just start fresh the next time and be better for it. I also feel like going live on twitch or youtube helps with the nerves.
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    Tips and Exercises to help control fingers?

    Any exercise that forces you to use all 4 fingers will help. Chromatic are simple good starting ideas.after that is feeling good.. start stretching the fingers. Do a 1 2 3 1 2 4 or a 1 2 4 1 3 4.itll help your pinky stay close and not flop away when you need it most.
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    you guys already heard the piano part before.. heres what I added to it. I'm just gonna say here now that this song is NOT based off any personal experience.
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    The lessons are so good so many other sites have been doing the same thing. Then charging people...

    The lessons are so good so many other sites have been doing the same thing. Then charging people for them. Like fender
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    Stagefright/Anxiety/Imposter Syndrome

    No one ever notices the slips but you.
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    no songs have titles yet, but I've essentially finished my editing. Let me know what you think.. I'm gonna let a couple out before doing a couple final listens to find areas I need improvements on before full release. There is a total 10 new songs and 53 minutes of material to listen to. All of...
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    Please suggest pedal setup

    My suggestion is to go find demos on youtube or go try them out yourself. Youll figure out which ones you want more
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    Nightmare tablature

    Think theres actually a few videos here of people playing the solo
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    Comment by 'Calvin Phillips' in media 'Wish You Were Here - Chris Greig & The Merchants'

    Solid pop single. Definitely has hooks and the reverb levels on the guitar were pretty good to keep the atmosphere going through the whole song. Good stuff
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    Gonna throw this here
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    Law and terms of the music industry

    Well taylor had multiple albums to remake. That story is literally still going on where kesha is years beyond her but to say the noise wasnt as big is something i can't agree with. Kesha got her name out there got grammie nominations and started collabs with tons of musician's. She also had a...
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    Law and terms of the music industry

    There was also a case with kesha over her producer basically not allowing her to make the music she wanted and she was in a three year court battle. Rainbow was the result after she won her case. Both of those female artists fought very hard to gain back what was theirs. You go a kesha show...
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    Guitar is just nothing but frustration 24/7

    I would be playing standing up a lot more if i had the room i used to but I totally agree with ed.
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    Tab books aren't even accurate most of the time. And judging bt the fact its zacky and a punk like sound there will be a lot of random stuff that isn't theory related but realistically most of the riffs are easy to get by ear.
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    Guitar is just nothing but frustration 24/7

    Itll take time to rid of the bad habit and motions you are used to.just don't lose patience.