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    Spotify year end stats.

    Alrighty let's see your stats. I have two to post. Artist stats and listener stats. My top song my brightside. I know many here enjoyed it. My surprise was i was added to 4 play lists. Didnt know that. (Unless the album lists)
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    Jerrys the fucking man

    I hear similar elements from past albums of his but I hope everyone's listening to it. .duff fucking kills it on bass.
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    Woke up to a call from the crown district attorney today

    The case has been finalized. He essentially got jail time and an extended probationary period. I also think he got a fine. They said I could.get 1400 dollars back for my losses. That is going to be a huge boost. Almost finalized two years from the date. That shit is scary. Most of you have...
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    The grammys

    I fucking hate them. But gotta share 2 videos. Bruno fucking mars. This one's for ids. (I'm site hed already seen it lollll)
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    Good inspiration video

    Rick beato tells a great story of how he was into college. The auditions can be a frightening situation. Like interviewing for a job. Very intimidating. I can totally relate.
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    Chord modulations

    Watched Rick beatos top 10 rock songs on spotify. He got to waiting on a war. I knew the song already. But he gets to the chorus. The look.on his face said it all. He stopped and figured the progression out. And said. Why doesn't more people do that? He's talking about a chord modulation. I had...
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    Rick beato never disappoints.

    Wow that was incredibly difficult to post. Apparently there is no cursor anymore when typing on a phone so copy paste is rather annoying lol. Anyways.. this I haven't watched yet. But with a bunch of new people here this should be useful for everyone.
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    Well wasmt gonna make this a thread cause its not that big a deal but..

    I dont feel like recording what I wrote so ill just paste it here. My buddy Ryan harding(I jammed with him right before the pandemic)and me have reconnected. Apparently the band I thought he was in(and he did too)wasn't actually including him(dick move imo)he sent me 9 drum tracks. The music...
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    Ghost suing ghost vodka really?

    The vodka was around since 2015.. why are you suing 4 years after the fact?
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    The ghost inside release their firdt song since their accident 4 years ago.

    Andnits fucking EPIC. Go listen NOW.
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    Two Years of Improvs.

    Two years ago we started the improv challenge. Thats where these videos started. Two years later and its become a regular in my routines every day. And has helped me lead writing on top of my playing as well. All 100% raw and unedited. I have both years in two seperate play lists. I'd recommend...
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    Schecter has a syn guitar giveaway on their instagram

    Us residents only. But go hit up their page. Theres a post with the link to the bio that's holding the giveaway.
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    You come to a new place. Try something new. Thinking it's the answer. Maybe push yourself for once and see where it goes. Maybe you will like it. Nothing. Maybe you'll meet new friends? New interactions. Break out of your bubble. Just maybe. Nothing. Escape to the online world? Maybe see the...
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    Knocked loose

    My brother pointed me to this band. For a newer band not bad. They slow it down well. They dont speed it back up after though like some hardcore bands do. But still pretty damn good. No clean vocals which is a huge pet peeve for me.. hearing the same pitch for 5 minutes tends to bore me. Gotta...
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    I got a samsung note10 plus

    Now I need a new case for the phone.. syn get er done!
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    Well green day still has balls

    Enough to scream fuck at the NHL all star game on live tv. I give them that atleast.
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    Anyone else having issues with twitter?

    Restarted 3 times.. still failing to respond.
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    Absolutely disgusted by the schecter forum.

    I'll definitely never put any efforts into any other sites or forums again. People are absolutely ridiculous. Try to put together a mini solo for a mini solo mix this guy was putting together. He says he only had 10 and it was the last day. Seemed like a low number. So I put together something...