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  1. Jeremy Healey

    Spotify year end stats.

    Apple Music gang 🥲 everyone and their fancy Spotify lists 😂 if I had a list I guess it would look something like this Top Artists: 1. Billy Talent. 2. Avenged Sevenfold. 3. Sum41. 4. Offspring. 5. Mute...
  2. Jeremy Healey

    What do all these knobs do!!!

    Best way to describe is with a picture! Basically, there are 2 knobs to a pickup which controls volume and tone! And the selector switch selects which pickup you want to use, or both at the same time. All these settings are just to get different tones from the guitar. Now this is from what to...
  3. Jeremy Healey

    Does the perfect album exist ?

    I’m very picky and indecisive when it comes to my music. And for me to pick what I think are “perfect” albums is difficult lol. A lot of times I don’t give an album a full chance and straight listen to all the songs either. But I do have a few that comes to mind! First being City of Evil. This...
  4. Jeremy Healey

    Take a break, have a meme

    Spent way too long making this lol. Fucking Legend meme
  5. Saint Veronika

    Saint Veronika

    I learned the solo for this a while back but hesitated on the rest of the song. It’s a fairly daunting task to learn with all its awkward chord changes, and playing chords cleanly isn’t my strong suit. But I put in effort tonight and made progress! Still a few sections I need to learn and lots...
  6. Jeremy Healey

    The student becomes the teacher

    Hey all! So recently a friend of mine asked if I was able to teach her son guitar! And of course I agreed! Only thing is I’ve never formally taught someone music, I’ve only ever been the student (mostly piano). So I pose this question for anyone who has insight. Where would be a good place to...
  7. Jeremy Healey

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome!! Awesome to see new and enthusiastic people joining 🥳
  8. Jeremy Healey

    What are you currently listening to?

    Ehhh another Halestorm fan 🙌🏻
  9. Jeremy Healey

    The lick challenge has begun!

    Mute is such an awesome band who’s been around for a good few years! Over the last year they grew immensely on me lol. But Bates Motel is the only song I can get a good tab for as they aren’t a very well known band. I give mad props to Etienne, their drummer who is also lead vocals lol. Awesome...
  10. Jeremy Healey

    fave song from Waking the Fallen?

    I also love that song. When I listen to it, I always got to queue up unholy confessions immediately after because it plays right into it and it feels more complete to me lol. Similarly in how Beast and the Harlot transitions into Burn It Down 🔥 🔥🔥
  11. Jeremy Healey

    The lick challenge has begun!

    I’ve never used songsterr before! Doo itttt! It’s such an awesome solo With a few pinch harmonics not mentioned in the tabs. Also after the picture I posted there’s a tapping part 😅 it’s quite the challenge and I will also brush up on it myself!
  12. Jeremy Healey

    fave song from Waking the Fallen?

    Second Heartbeat really opened up this album for me. I enjoyed unholy confessions but that was the only one i listened to at first because I wasn’ta fan of scream at first. then when I finally listened to second heartbeat, that outro solo blew my mind and became a favourite. Loves it ever since
  13. Jeremy Healey

    Comment by 'Jeremy Healey' in media 'First video, not great'

    Holy shit dude that was intense lol
  14. Jeremy Healey

    The lick challenge has begun!

    Ultimate-guitar pro tabs!
  15. Jeremy Healey

    The lick challenge has begun!

    Hey @Radu-Cristian Perde if you're looking for a challenge I certainly have one for you! Local Quebec band even. Not sure if you've heard of the punk band Mute! Here's the start of the solo in Bates Motel lol (In E standard tuning at 198BPM)
  16. Goddamn I’m Dead Again

    Goddamn I’m Dead Again

    I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this song for a couple weeks now and just the other day I finally got the motivation to tune this guitar to drop C just to learn this. Here is it so far! Not fully sure on some of the picking near the end 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. Jeremy Healey

    Hi, I'm new here

    Welcome To The Family :rock-hand:
  18. Jeremy Healey

    What are you currently listening to?

    Don’t you love it when you obsess over a song and listen to it constantly? Well this one is currently exactly that for me. I’ve only recently discovered this album and it veryyy quickly took over my playlist. Especially this song :explode-skull: