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  1. Jamie London

    Happy birthday Radu!!!

    Yesterday was the day of birth for our very own bearded ray of sunshine, our phenomenal community leader, the one and only @Radu-Cristian Perde!!! 🎉🎁🎈🎂 We love you and appreciate everything you do for this community brother! Hopefully you had a great day! Live it up for the rest of the month...
  2. Jamie London

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter, Synner fam! And if it’s not something you celebrate, happy Sunday! 🤩 I hope you’re all having a good one! Any fun plans for the rest of the day?
  3. Jamie London

    Songs that touch your soul

    One of the most beautiful (and sometimes frightening) aspects of music is the depth to which it can effect us, speak to us, and touch our souls. Be it though a songs lyrics, sonic sound, memory attachments, etc etc, the relationship between song and listener is a totally individual and unique...
  4. Jamie London

    The NEW Synner drop has landed! 🔥🤌

    If y’all haven’t heard yet, the new Synner collection dropped yesterday in the store and SHEEEESH! It is next level! 🤯🔥 So many excellent pieces, which ones are you lot diggin on the most?? I think my favorite would have to be the “Death Defi Tee”. The contrast of the dye with the color pop of...
  5. Jamie London

    Synner Songs of the week!

    Hey all! Over on the Synner Instagram page (@ Synnerofficial) we’ve started posting a new song of the week each week in the stories. These are unrelated to the AOTMs or anything like that, it’s just a fun thing we’ve begun doing to hopefully inspire some discussions here and hopefully give you...
  6. Jamie London

    A SYNNER thread for your SYNNER threads!

    Hey fam! I thought it would be cool if we had a thread dedicated to showing off your SYNNER gear! Feel free to drop pics of your latest pick ups, your collections, or your SYNNER gear selfies below! And if you’re not following us on the gram, we’re @ synnerofficial! 💀🤘
  7. Jamie London

    🚨 SGS Instagram Giveaway! 🚨

    Alright y’all, in case you missed it over on the gram, in order to celebrate and spread the word about the opening of The Syn Gates School IG page, we thought it would be fun to hold a contest! The winner will receive 2 months of “Legend” status as well as the “$kull tee” from the $ynner for...
  8. Jamie London

    The Official Syn Gates School Instagram!

    What’s up all of you beautiful humans and guitar playing virtuosos! Some of you may have seen it already but @Jak Angelescu and I wanted to drop an announcement here to let everyone know that the Official Syn Gates School Instagram is now live @ thesyngatesschool 🙌⚡️ Some of the radness that...
  9. Jamie London

    🎃 SYNNER Halloween Playlist 🎃

    Hey fam! So over the weekend I threw together a pretty KILLER (HA get it because Halloween?? 😏 I’m sorry, I’ll stop 🎃) SYNNER Halloween playlist with the help of Gates! It’s got raaaad Halloween tunes of all types so that everyone can enjoy 😄 I decided to stay away from some of the typical...
  10. Jamie London


    Back in a 2012 or so interview with Jericho, @Syn Gates brought up his OTHER side project with Jimmy that wasn’t Pinkly Smooth, called “Silver”. I believe he said it was more pop oriented. I’ve always been curious to know about Silver. Was anything ever recorded? Was it more so just jamming and...
  11. Jamie London

    Tips to lessen hand tension

    Hey all! Recently I’ve been having an issue where my hands tense up noticeably while playing, I’ve always been very conscious of trying to avoid this and it’s happened from time to time. Recently though, it’s been a lot more prevalent. I did take a short break from playing as much earlier in...
  12. Jamie London

    Syn Gates Clothing Instagram

    Hey all! I’ve started an instagram dedicated to the promotion of the new SGC line (I say new as I’m generally not going to be posting about the old line, I want to shine a light on the new stuff!! I’ll be posting any new merch, news, or updates that come along clothing line wise. I’m really...
  13. Jamie London

    New Merch Delay/Order Issue?

    Hey all! Has anyone heard anything about when the new merch will ship/has anyone received theirs yet? I ordered the confession tee on December 13th and haven heard anything since. I know it said to please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping and precessions but we’re beyond that now. I did message...
  14. Jamie London

    A humble request from a humble lad

    So at this point I have pretty much all the clothing items from the SGS store including the first run limited distressed shirts (up until this point I’d been waiting a long time for SG to put out some new clothes) haha. I love all of them but I was wondering, would it be possible to get the flag...
  15. Jamie London

    Shirt Issue

    Hey all, I’ve reached out to the store and the admynyster about this but I haven’t heard back yet so I thought I’d reach out here and see if anyone can help me out haha. Last Wednesday my Blood Moon tee arrives but I noticed off the bat that the S logo pulled to the left, it looks like the sides...
  16. Jamie London

    Daily Practice Schedule

    Hey all! I thought it would be kind of cool if we all shared what our general daily practice schedule looked like! It may be a cool way for some folks to see what others do and take some inspiration and tweak their lay out accordingly! I work two jobs so my time is a tad more limited than I’d...
  17. Jamie London

    Y’all got any of those…

    Does anyone have any good exercises for the pinky?? I use it as much as I possibly can, but it’s still by far my weakest playing finger haha 😂😭
  18. Jamie London

    Long Lines/Tall Tees

    I have a humble request/hope regarding the super rad SG shirts! I bought the long line/tall black Synner tee about a month ago and I absolutely adore it. So much so that I’m going to buy a second to have around as a spare! The first run of shirts were great but now that everything is moving...
  19. Jamie London

    Working on learning Paradigm

    And damn, it’s a tad difficult at first with the verse picking. Very cool, but made me realize that I definitely need to work on my technique a bit. Haha
  20. Jamie London

    New Song by Gates!

    So apparently our boy Gates wrote and sung a song for Saint Owen! This is very cool! I’ve wanted to hear Gates doing less vocals on a song for the last 11 or so years haha so I’m really stoked off this! Hopefully he’ll get a song on the next a7x track 😀 The guitar in the song is absolutely...