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  1. Ed Seith

    Is it worth?

    The cab pack is just his cabinets, but they're done incredibly well. I've tried a lot of add-on packs from a lot of different vendors and all of them had some artifacting or something else that made me not like them. Syn's cab pack is the only one I truly love. That said, I was never going for...
  2. Ed Seith

    Wanna share something

    That's amazing, Iris. I'm proud of you too. 💜
  3. Ed Seith

    Happy birthday Radu!!!

    Happy birthday, you magnificent bastard!
  4. Ed Seith

    Guitar Got an interface and an amp sim... What do I do about the latency?

    If you have the focusrite plugged in and active (with the correct driver installed) BEFORE you start any software (DAW, Neural) that will use it, it should be available.
  5. Ed Seith

    New Megadeth (and Kiko work) dropped this morning!

    Well, if you were wondering if Dave is still angry, then, yes, Dave is still very angry, and that is good.
  6. Ed Seith

    PG Stream #2

    Loved how you demo'd the use of relative minor under melodies. It really SHOWED very clearly how it sounds and what it does, and my God, everything you do is just so effortlessly beautiful. It takes a shit ton of hard work to sound that effortless. Thank you!
  7. Ed Seith

    Guitar Got an interface and an amp sim... What do I do about the latency?

    Turn the “monitor” off on the interface and you’ll get the processed sound in the headphones. The interface has a tray icon that allows you to adjust the latency - set it as low as it will go without shitting the bed.
  8. Ed Seith

    Guitar Got an interface and an amp sim... What do I do about the latency?

    The bluetooth speakers/headset is 99% of the latency. You can use wireless for passive activities, like listening to music or watching TV, but not for playing guitar. The bandwidth isn't there yet in consumer gear and this is why IEMs are so expensive.
  9. Ed Seith

    Guitar Stretching fingers, reaching further on the fretboard

    This comes up a lot. I made a short video a while ago.
  10. Ed Seith

    Guitar Recording and amp sims

    No, but you're going to get "listening volume" and not "stage volume," if you know what I mean. The music you listen to has bass and kick drum on it, and probably even some sub-bass like in Almost Easy and other stuff. The speakers will only go as low as they go, which is why listening back on...
  11. Ed Seith

    Guitar Recording and amp sims

    For so many decades, bass guitar on professional recordings was done by plugging one end of the instrument cable into the bass, and the other end into the input interface in the control room of the studio. This was referred to as recording "direct." This is still how it's done. Get a basic...
  12. Ed Seith

    Syn/PG #2 Stream

    The bits about starting from something you know to turn it into something new is gonna inspire a LOT of students who've maybe been afraid to try and write a song. That shit was GOLD. And Syn playing parts of Beast and the Harlot WITHOUT being forced or even ASKED to?? What kind of bizarro world...
  13. Ed Seith

    Buying used Gear on Reverb

    How do you write a backwards V?
  14. Ed Seith

    Buying used Gear on Reverb

    AWESOME! Good luck! Post about it when it arrives!
  15. Ed Seith

    Buying used Gear on Reverb

    I've bought stuff on Reverb. Generally good experiences. Temper your expectations, and expect the gear to be in slightly lesser condition than advertised - nothing MAJOR, but little things. Do a search on the specific thing you're considering buying, to see if the same pictures are used in...
  16. Ed Seith

    Paradigm riff help

    Don't barre it, just keep it on the C# string and "tilt down" briefly for the one time you need it on the G# string.
  17. Ed Seith

    What are you currently listening to?

    Just an awesome, nasty, filthy blues rock tune and album. This is Cinderella at their best, bridging the LA hair metal with their southern blues rock.
  18. Ed Seith

    Can I buy you boys a beer?

    Well, Papa lives in Vermont now, so he’s probably a no.
  19. Ed Seith

    PERSONAL: My anniversary

    Thanks :cool:
  20. Ed Seith

    Syn Gates Custom-S Truss Rod Adjustment

    Heavier strings would increase the bow in the neck, which would therefore NOT cause buzzing. If the buzzing is above the 12th fret, you need to raise the post on the Floyd Rose to bring the bridge a little higher. But before you do that, the thicker strings would pull harder on the Floyd's...